ne man sold just about everything he owned to open Brownstown’s first fitness facility.

Jonathon Tabor said he got rid of his newly purchased truck, lawnmower, guns and chain saws, among other things.

All because he wanted to create a place to exercise for those living in the central part of Jackson County.

“I sold everything I had in my name,” Tabor said with a half smile. “It’s been a lot of stress.”

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The 24-year-old used that money to open TNT Fitness Warehouse in October. The 1,500-square-foot facility is at 200 N. Front St. in Brownstown.

The building once housed Robertson’s Feed Mill and now has a treadmill, machine weights and free weights.

The words “Serious Steel” and “Real American Muscle” adorn the walls, while music blares through speakers near a full-body mirror.

On Tuesday morning, Mitch Ray stopped in to lift weights and break a sweat. He joined TNT a little more than a week ago and said he likes how Tabor provides exercise tips and help to customers.

“Tabor gives you tips that he doesn’t charge for. He’ll come up to you and help you out,” Ray said.

Ray, 29, said he chose TNT over other gyms because it’s near his home in Brownstown.

“It’s close and convenient,” he said.

Members can use the front door’s keypad to come and go as they please, allowing 24/7 access.

A membership costs $30 a month with no contract, sign-up or cancellation fees. For two family members, it’s $50; and for three, it’s $18 a piece. In addition, Tabor offers personal training services for $20

an hour.

Currently, the gym has about 20 members, including people looking to lose weight and student athletes.

Tabor said he doesn’t want just to sit back and let people work out but wants to teach proper form and technique to help clients avoid injuries that can affect their lives.

“I like to help people one-on-one,” he said.

For Tabor, what sets his facility apart from other gyms is the local clientele.

“You’re not coming in here and seeing a bunch of people you’ve never seen or met. It’s Brownstown. You’re going to know everybody in here,” he said.

Being surrounded by familiar faces makes working out more comfortable and takes away the intimidation of walking into a gym, Tabor said.

Clients don’t have to worry about big crowds early in the morning or after work because the building is open at all times. Tabor said his business philosophy is not the same as corporate-

owned gyms.

“I kind of wanted to get away from that and go back to like the old school, more hard-core and less foo-foo,” he said.

Tabor grew up in Browns-town and played a few sports, but it wasn’t until he attended Vincennes University that exercise became important to him.

His mother died on

Dec. 27, 2010, sending him into a deep depression. To get out of the house, he started weightlifting at a gym with friends.

“It was kind of more therapeutic,” Tabor said. “It ended up being better for me than drinking and partying all the time.”

When he returned to Jackson County after graduation, he increased his workouts because he was introduced to competitive bodybuilding through a friend. That hobby forced him to get his body in top shape with a seven-day-a-week training regimen.

“It’s a lot of hours in the gym and extreme dieting,” he said.

Seeing progress in his body and “pushing yourself to the limit” are what makes it worth it, he said.

Tabor has participated in one bodybuilding competition so far and plans to do another one next year.

In between running the gym and staying fit, Tabor also holds a full-time job at Bundy Brothers & Sons Inc. feed mill in Medora.

Having more than one job at a time isn’t unusual for him, Tabor said, but he hopes the gym is successful so he can focus his time, talents and interests there.

“If I can quit my full-time job, that would be great,” he said, smiling.

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What: TNT Fitness Warehouse

Where: 200 N. Front Street in Brownstown

How much: $30 a month for a single member

Information: 812-216-0723


Who: Jonathon Tabor

Age: 24

Education: Brownstown Central High School, Vincennes University

What: Recently opened TNT Fitness Warehouse in Brownstown, the town’s first gym.

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“You’re not coming in here and seeing a bunch of people you’ve never seen or met. It’s Brownstown. You’re going to know everybody in here.”

Jonathon Tabor, owner of TNT Fitness Warehouse

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“I kind of wanted to … go back to like the old school, more hard core and less foo-foo.”

Jonathon Tabor, on his approach to training at TNT Fitness Warehouse in Brownstown