Parents must be active in children’s spiritual lives

In today’s culture, parents are applauded for protecting their kids physically. Most parents understand this important responsibility.

While society affirms any parent who is making provision for the physical protection of their family, they seem to ridicule and make fun of those who try to protect their family morally, emotionally

or spiritually.

Parents need to protect the purity of their child’s heart. Satan will do whatever he has to do to destroy your child’s innocence, purity and trust. Have you ever thought about protecting your family on a moral, emotional or spiritual level?

In Ephesians 4:18, the Apostle Paul referred to the Gentiles as being “darkened in their understanding.” They were

separated from the life that God wanted them to have because of their

own ignorance. The sad thing was they didn’t even realize what was happening because their hearts had been hardened. They were blinded to their condition.

Could it be that many families are separated from the life God desires for them because they’ve been darkened in their understanding from a moral perspective? Is it possible that hearts have become so hardened that we don’t even recognize we’re missing out on God’s best in our lives? Has so much impurity crept into our families that we don’t even realize it?

We love our families. We would never do anything to intentionally hurt them. And yet, sometimes we unintentionally do things that are very harmful.

Like sending our teenage daughter out on a date, alone in a car in the dark, with someone we have never met or know little to nothing about. Or, we give a teenage boy unlimited access to a mobile device that can take him places that we would never want him to go, and he is exposed to things we would never want him to see.

Through movies, television and the Internet, people routinely expose themselves and their families to things that absolutely break the heart of God.

Could it be that one of the reasons our homes are not blessed on the level they could be is because we have been darkened in our understanding and our hearts have been hardened?

Have we been desensitized? Have we given

ourselves over to levels

of impurity we would

have never imagined in

the past?

The goal for a Christian family is to have a Christ-centered home. A life/

family that is surrendered to Christ is a life that will

be blessed.

Steve Greene is the lead pastor at The Point in Seymour. You can email him at