Police seek stabbing suspect

Police continue to search for a man who attacked and stabbed a pregnant woman multiple times Saturday morning at her residence

in Seymour.

Police Chief Bill Abbott said the woman, who is in her early 20s and about 16 weeks pregnant, was at home asleep in the 100 block of West Brown Street, when the man entered the residence and attacked her with a steak knife.

The woman was stabbed at least six times, with the worst of the wounds to the woman’s right eye and upper part of her body including her arms and head, Abbott said.

She was taken to Schneck Medical Center on Saturday morning and then transported to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. She has since been released and continues to recover, Abbott said.

Her unborn child was not injured during the attack, and the victim was able to see out of her injured eye, he said.

The only description police have of the attacker is that he is white and has short hair.

Abbott said the incident began before 7:38 a.m. Saturday when the woman, who was at home alone at the time, woke up to a man straddling her.

She told police the man was trying to cover her face before a struggle ensued.

“She was struck several times with his fist and stabbed several times,”

Abbott said.

The woman suffered some defensive wounds as she fended off her attacker. The man ultimately ran off,

Abbott said.

“She was a warrior, and she definitely gave a good fight,” Abbott said.

The man’s motive may have been sexual assault

before the situation turned violent, Abbott said. The man also stole several items from the woman’s home before he fled.

When investigators arrived at the scene following the attack, the knife was recovered, and the victim told police how the man entered the residence. Abbott declined to release any information about the man’s point of entry.

Police have processed the scene and collected blood and fingerprints, which were sent to the Indiana State Police lab. Investigators also have checked out some leads, Abbott said.

Anyone who might have seen a suspicious person in the area of West Brown Street or in the area from Chestnut to Broadway streets on Saturday morning should call Seymour Police at 812-522-1234.

“The suspect should have had blood on him from the victim, so he would have looked odd if anyone saw him,” Abbott said.

Police also are seeking video surveillance footage from outside residential security cameras that monitor the area. If there were any in the area, the cameras may have captured the man running away from the scene, Abbott said.

The woman, who was

released from the hospital late Sunday, wasn’t available for an in-depth interview by police until Monday morning, he added.

Abbott said police have not received any reports of similar incidents recently, but there are some precautions that people — especially women — can take to try to avoid becoming

a victim.

“Always make sure you check your cars and house to make sure others don’t have easy access,” he said. “Be aware of your surroundings and keep your keys with a panic alarm handy. And remember, there’s safety

in numbers.”

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Have a tip? Call Seymour Police Department at 812-522-1234.