Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – December 12

New playground

Thumbs-up to the individuals and businesses that contributed their time and money to a $3,000-plus project to improve a playground at Jackson County Head Start at Freeman Field.

Good Samaritans

I’d like to thank Rusty, Brook and Kevin for helping me with my car on Thanksgiving morning. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help. Thumbs-up.

— Submitted by Kim Stinson, Indianapolis

Youth leader

Thumbs-up to Brownstown Central senior Amanda Stuckwisch for being named the Brownstown Exchange Club’s Youth of the Month for October.

A similar thumbs-up to Seymour Middle School iCARE Students of the Month for November: Brett Kleber, Avery DeHart, Jewels Jones, Brendy Loeza-Bello, Sydney Wiesehan, Genesis Munoz, Emiliano Enriquez de Alva, Levi Croquart, Luke Plummer and Dylan Selby.

Penny collection

Thumbs-up to the second-graders in Kathy Moffett’s class at Redding Elementary School. The students raised $1,603.36 for Jackson County United Way — a penny at a time.

Top donors

Thumbs-up to Jackson County residents who give more to charity than those in surrounding counties. The rate of giving in the county also is higher than the state average, according to a recent report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Park upgrades

Thumbs-up to Knobstone Trail Association, Suzanne Mittenthal of Morgan County, Edith Boling of Norman and others involved in efforts to improve facilities at Sparksville Park. The county-owned park serves as a gathering place for many, including those hiking the Knobstone Trail.

Warm Hearts Warm Toes project

Thumbs-up to Becca Hattabaugh, her daughter, Brooke Hattabaugh, her mother, Becky Wilson, and Maureen Pesta for their work on the Warm Hearts Warm Toes project. The four-year-old project provides a new pair of shoes and a few pairs of new socks to kids at local schools who need them.

Damaging property

Thumbs-down to those who think it’s a good idea to damage the property of others including destroying their mailboxes or the memorials of loved ones.

Illegal hunting

Thumbs-down to those who hunt on property without the approval of owners.

Black Friday bullies

Thumbs-down to people who turn Black Friday shopping into a competitive outing that occasionally leads to fights over

sales items.