Nearly $600 added to Basket Fund total

A Helping Hand

Donations add $570

to annual basket fund

Donations to this

year’s Christmas

Basket Fund grew to $4,536 with seven gifts totaling $570.

The fund, sponsored

by American Legion Post 89 in partnership with The Tribune,

Jay C Food Stores

and JCB, will supply $50 Jay C gift cards to residents in need throughout the county.

New donations include: In lieu of Christmas cards and in memory of my wife, Faye, and my parents and grandparents $100, from Buddy Tidd; In loving memory of our parents, Merl and Cordelia Snyder and Palois and Ruth Kerkhof, $20, from Allan and Mary Ellen; In loving memory of my husband, Earl, on his 95th birthday and in lieu of Christmas cards. Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year $50, Hulda Goecker; In memory of Bernard G. Nichter, Bessie Nichter, Mary Lou Coombs, Bernardine Bowman and Paul Nichter $50, from Bernard D. Nichter; In memory of Jesse and Florence Bobb $200, from Dr. Kenneth Bobb and family; In memory of Michael Bobb and Herbert Elmore $50, from Richard and Janet Bobb; Merry Christmas $100, from Freeman Field Flying Association.

Donations can be left at The Tribune’s front desk, any JCB branch or American Legion Post 89. Donors can contribute anonymously and can dedicate donations to others.

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Aubrey Woods is editor of The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at or 812-523-7051.