A tradition that started 20 years ago is still going strong in Kim and David Lafferty’s home on East 15th Street in Seymour.

Every year, they go to a Christmas show in Louisville, Kentucky, and often return home with a Christmas tree. The trees are of various shapes and sizes, and some of them light up.

This year, the Laffertys have 32 trees throughout their home.

“I downsized this year. There’s about half a dozen still in the basement,” Kim Lafferty said with a smile.

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“I just started getting them, and before long, I realized I have so many Christmas trees,” she said. “It wasn’t anything planned. I had them, so why not put them out?”

Kim Lafferty has purchased most of the trees at the Christmas show, which is the first weekend of December.

“They’ll have a theme for this year, and they’ll have a real pretty tree that’s different or a yard stake,” she said. “You’ll watch people walk by, and you end up saying, ‘Where’d you get that?’ because you want one, too. It seemed like I came home with a different tree every year, and David would say, ‘Another tree? Where are you going to put this one?’”

The Laffertys typically begin decorating for Christmas around Thanksgiving.

David Lafferty brings all of the trees up from the basement. The only assembly required is on their biggest tree in the living room. He just has to put three pieces together.

It also helps that all of the trees with lights are prelit.

“That’s the best way to go,” he said.

Kim Lafferty does all of the decorating of the trees. She puts her mother’s ornaments on the living room tree, and there is an ensemble of three trees of various sizes along one wall.

Turning those four trees on is simple. They are plugged into the wall, and there is a sensor that turns them on when the remote button is pushed.

In the kitchen, there’s a small tree that has little wooden spoon and rolling pin ornaments. On the kitchen table, there is a set of battery-powered trees that light up.

In a back room is what they call the family tree since it has ornaments related to their son, Dustin, and four grandchildren, Nathan, Connor and twins Michael and Anna.

“Our son played the saxophone all through high school; and in college, he kind of stayed with it,” Kim Lafferty said. “When he was in high school and decided to play the sax is when I started collecting all of the saxophone ones. I get them every year still, and he’s 33.”

She said the grandkids always like checking out that tree when they visit.

“Every year, I get a new ornament for their tree that has their name on it, and they look for them,” Kim Lafferty said.

The Laffertys said they always look forward to their family visiting at Christmastime and seeing the trees.

“I love seeing it through my grandchildren’s eyes,” Kim Lafferty said. “Our little twin that’s 3, he’ll come in here and go, ‘Wow!’ Their eyes just sparkle, and I can’t wait for him to see the tree in their playroom.”

For David Lafferty, Christmas is an emotional time since his mother died around the holidays when he was a senior in high school.

The holiday also means a lot to Kim Lafferty.

“I have no qualms about celebrating Christmas. That’s when my savior was born,” she said.

Kim Lafferty said she likes the atmosphere of their home this time of year. Along the with trees, there are Santas, snowmen and manger scenes.

“If nobody is here, just sitting here in the evening with all of the lights out and just the trees on and no TV, it’s just like, ‘Ah,’” she said. “It’s just a good feeling. It’s pretty. It’s peaceful.”

Kim Lafferty said she’s not sure how many more trees will be added to the collection. She just wants the decorating tradition to continue.

“It’s not a contest or anything,” she said. “It’s just something I like doing.”

“It’s a joy,” her husband added.

By the numbers

Christmas trees in Kim and David Lafferty’s home at 601 E. 15th St. in Seymour

Living room;8




Grandkids’ room;1

Pepsi room;1


Laffertys file

Names: Kim and David Lafferty

Residence: Both originally from Seymour

Employment: Kim has worked at PNC Bank for 26 years, and David has worked for Pepsi for 38 years

Family: Son, Dustin; grandchildren, Nathan, Connor, Michael and Anna

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