Letter: Continual crises erode constitutional rights

To the editor:

Much has been said lately about the “hack attack” on Sony, and North Korea has gotten much of the blame.

Let’s stop and think, does North Korea have the capability to do such a thing? This is sophisticated stuff that would require somebody(s) that knows the system or has enough sophisticated equipment to carry it out.

I think not, so who? Russia, China, maybe. What about an inside job? It’s a matter of record there has been at least two disgruntled employees, one who was terminated. Or something more sinister, the NSA or CIA? It’s a fact both of these have the capability to do such a thing, but why?

Right now there is a bill stalled in Congress known as CISPA (Congressional Internet Security and Privacy Act). It’s stalled because it has language in it that seriously curtails the content (politically incorrect). Could it be this event is designed to “grease the skids” to get this thing passed? John McCain among others seems to think so.

Folks this is nothing more than governmental censorship. The very thing available in North Korea, China and Russia.

Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel both stated “never let a good crisis go to waste because you can do things you couldn’t ordinarily do.”  Seems like since 9/11 there has been one crisis after another, and if you pay attention there has been one law after another passed severely restricting or doing away with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Now is the time to ask yourself: “Do I want my children, grandchildren and loved ones to grow up and live in a totalitarian society?”

Bill Kendall