Letter: RFRA debacle due to nefarious Marxists

To the editor:

All the verbiage and flap about the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act has got me wondering why all the “big named celebrities” have chimed in on this when other states have had similar legislation in place for years.

The far left Saul (Rules of Radicals) Alinsky-ites will stop at nothing to destroy any competition by any means. Gov. (Mike) Pence has served in Congress. He has to know all the dirty tricks that are used there and more than likely has knowledge of how to combat them if he ran for president. The Marxist crowd knows this only too well so this elaborate smear campaign was launched.

I wonder how much these “big names” were paid to damage his political career. Gov. (Andrew) Cuomo of New York, Gov. (Dannel) Malloy of Connecticut, you’re both pathetic.

You don’t have to like Gov. Mike Pence but since the radical Marxist left wants to smear him so bad, maybe even the common man that cares about this nation needs to support him.

Bill Kendall