Homemakers club talks about food storage

Hearts of Home Extension Homemakers Club met April 16 at Cafe Batar, 12649 E. U.S. 50, Seymour.

Members enjoyed lunch, and the meeting was opened by Linda Lock.

Eight members answered roll call by answering “Name your favorite breakfast food.”

Glenda Neawedde gave the lesson “Food Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid.” Helpful information was passed out.

Donations for Coins for Friendship were collected.

Neawedde made name tags for Jackson County Extension Homemakers Achievement Night.

An Easter card was sent to Mary Schleibaum.

Members are planning a trip to the Lawn, Garden and Patio Show on May 16.

Janet Jarvis gave devotions “Comforting Others.”

The next meeting will be May 21 at Spring Mill State Park to celebrate birthday month.