In past years, Schneck Medical Center’s annual health fair has been conducted in the spring.

But this year, the 32nd annual health fair will be in the fall and transformed into a Live Well Expo with a focus on the best healthy living.

“The event has been moved as Schneck currently is developing a new, internal health and wellness department, focusing not only on improving the overall health and wellness of its own employees, but also the citizens of Jackson and surrounding counties,” said Natalie Harpe, Schneck Foundation development coordinator.

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Harpe said additional time was needed for planning and education purposes. At first, the event was rescheduled for Oct. 10, but it conflicted with HOPE Medora Goes Pink, an event to raise money to help those with cancer. The health fair now will be Oct. 24.

Full details are not yet available. However, Harpe said many of the services that have been offered at past fairs will be available again.

Last year, there were about60 vendors with a range of health-related opportunities, including low-priced blood tests, massages and group demonstrations by fitness instructors. Typically, there are about 750 to 1,000 attendees.

“It will continue to offer free and reduced-cost health screenings, activities and demonstrations that will entertain, engage and empower attendees to take action and make healthier lifestyle choices,” Harpe said.

Stephanie Furlow, Schneck’s director of marketing and public relations, said the Live Well Expo will be focused on healthy living, including preventing chronic diseases and conditions.

That’s because Schneck’s role in health care is transforming and focusing on how the community can effectively impact cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity and diabetes.

Many of these are caused by preventable risk factors, and she said the hospital is working to make changes to support healthful lifestyles, including with the renewed health fair.

For details about the health fair, follow updates provided on Schneck Medical Center’s Facebook page.

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Schneck Medical Center’s annual health fair is set for Oct. 24.

The fair will offer free and reduced-cost health screenings, activities and demonstrations to improve health and help attendees stay healthy. It also will offer entertainment and free gifts and door prizes.

Full details are not yet available.