Letter: Return bridge column to local paper

To the editor:

It has been said that newspapers are facing slow extinction because of the many new ways to communicate, to learn, to be informed of the news.

May the local papers throughout the USA live long and prosper, for they are responsible for informing communities about themselves, for helping to bring new business customers, for crediting citizen volunteers, for printing public records, for publicizing individuals and schools’ educational and sports accomplishments, for making us laugh, and think. (Crosswords, Sudoku, and what? … No more bridge?)

Must we now buy some out-of-town paper to improve our bridge game? How will new players learn the art of finesse or when to bid or not to bid? We notice if a column has been rerun.

Bridge is played daily in the homes, restaurants, i.e Cupid’s Arrow and the American Legion, as well as the senior center (on Mondays) and in assisted living residences i.e The Covered Bridge and Lutheran Community Home. These are just the places that I know. Please restore the bridge column and renew my subscription to the paper.

Nancy Wolter