The Seymour gymnastics team recently conducted its awards ceremony for the 2014-15 season.

The Most Valuable Gymnast award this year went to junior Alyssa Goen, who was the highest-scoring all-arounder, regional qualifier and a state qualifier for the Owls.

“Alyssa Goen led the team in scores on every event at almost all our meets,” coach Angie Mellencamp said. “She was diligent in her workouts and really did work to meet her personal goals.

“I’m not sure she even realizes she raised her all-around score by an entire point from the beginning to the end of season. Goen competed at the state for the second time as a Seymour gymnast and finished seventh on floor.”

The leadership award went to lone senior Samantha Silver.

“I could always pull (Silver) to the side and ask her to give any teammate a pep talk when they were down,” Mellencamp said. “She would give the girls words of encouragement and support before the meet and congratulate them at the end of the meet.”

This season, Silver finished her four-year career with the Owls.

“She has been with me for four years and has been extremely dedicated to the sport and workouts,” Mellencamp said. “She has grown so much since her freshman year when she was only throwing layouts in her floor routine.”

This year, Mellecamp said she replaced the 110 percent award with a “Commitment” award. Mellencamp said she made the change because she doesn’t feel it’s possible to give 100 percent all the time.

Jenna Thomas, a freshman, received the Commitment Award. This past Winter, Thomas was the second-highest point contributor for the Owls.

“She also had the least amount of missed practices and competed varsity at every meet as a freshman,” Mellencamp added. “She was a huge asset to the team and the team score.”

Freshman Aubrie Bowman received the Most Improved Gymnast award.

“This award is based on both scores and overall improvement during season,” Mellencamp said. “(Bowman) started the season by competing in only two events at meets. Our season is short; four months is not a lot of time to master all four events at the competition level. (Bowman) was competing varsity all-around by the end of season. She worked hard to raise her scores.”

A Coach’s Award went to sophomore Peyton Heyne for her efforts during the season.

“In gymnastics the coaches award does not always go to the highest scorer on the team but a gymnast who shows dedication and hard work,” Mellencamp said. “(Heyne) worked to raise her scores so she could contribute to the team score. She also cheered on her teammates and seemed to always be a shoulder for the other girls to lean on.”

Earning their stripes

4th-year varsity: Samantha Silver

3rd-year Varsity: Alyssa Goen

2nd-year Varsity: Emily Foster and Peyton Heyne

1st-year varsity: Megan Cravens, Jenna Thomas and Aubrie Bowman

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