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On a small track team of five boys, at Medora, Bailey Pfeiffer does it all.

The senior said he likes the variety of events that athletes are able to compete in, and he enjoys running the 100, a leg in the 4×100 relay, long jumping and throwing the discus.

Pfeiffer feels that he can best utilize his speed in the sprints and on the long jump runway.

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In the 100, Pfeiffer stresses the importance to a strong start.

“You’ve got to get out of the blocks, and I focus on my strides, mainly,” Pfeiffer said. “If you come out of the blocks bad, yes you can catch up, but you want to maintain an equal stride on everyone because if you get off stride, it throws you off.”

During races, Pfeiffer prefers running in the outside lane.

“I like Lane 7, if they have it,” Pfeiffer said. “When I’m in the middle I feel too confined, and it just puts more pressure on you. On the outside you’ve got breathing room. I feel like I’ve got less confinement than being in the middle.”

Pfeiffer said he prefers to run the final leg in the relay.

“I like to be anchor,” he said. “You need a good handoff toward the middle of the 20 meters you have to hand off. That really helps.

“It doesn’t matter which lane I’m in on the relay. I don’t feel like I’m really confined.”

Of all the events, Pfeiffer enjoys competing in the long jump the most.

“I really enjoy long jump,” Pfeiffer said. “My freshman year I was jumping 15 feet. My sophomore year I just really got dedicated and I really started jumping a lot better, and so far it’s paid off this year.

“My best has been 19-10 at Crothersville. I’m pretty excited. On my last jump I missed the board. I was maybe two inches on the board and I jumped 19-10. I’m 10 inches off the school record.”

For Pfeiffer, steps are key in leaping further.

“I measure off 83 feet,” Pfeiffer said. “The main thing is, make sure you have equal strides on it. You plant your foot in repetition. You try to mimic the exact same thing each time so you’re always hitting the board in the same exact place.

“Height and speed are probably the two most important things.”

This is the first year Pfeiffer has thrown the discus.

“It’s different,” Pfeiffer said. “I feel comfortable with it, but then again it gives you that little adrenaline rush like, ‘Hey, I’ve never really done this before.’ It’s actually pretty fun.”

Pfeiffer said he uses a “punch” technique on his delivery, and said his best throw in competition is 88 feet.

“I probably hit 90 feet in practice,” Pfeiffer said. “I want to try and hit 100 in a meet. I think it’s all about form. It’s more form than muscle. If you’ve got longer arms, you’ve got more leverage to spin, and then that leverage helps you get it out there.”

Leading up to his final sectional, Pfeiffer plans on going harder in practices.

“I just want to get everything down and get comfortable in the discus, even though I haven’t done it the whole year,” Pfeiffer said. “I’d like to finish up the season pretty strong in discus. In long jump I’ll try and get the record.

“Practice plays a big part. If you’re not doing well in practice, then you’re not going to do well in the meets.”

Off the track

Name: Bailey Pfeiffer

Parents: Jeremy and Tabitha Pfeiffer

Siblings: Savanna, Tori, Bre, Hayley, Harley, Joshua, Bentely

Sports: Track 4 years; cross-country 1 year

Athletics highlights: Most valuable field, mental attitude award

Attending Medora: “Its been fun. Sometimes it can be stressful, but in the end it really pays out. A big thing is the small classes. You get more one-on-one learning. It helps you improve your grades a lot when you get that one-one-one learning. I’ll remember all my coaches.”

Plans after high school: Attend Ivy Tech or Vincennes University

Organizations: Letter “M” Club, Sportsman’s Club

Favorite food: Steak and mashed potatoes

Favorite TV show: “Mud Bum Boys”

Favorite musician: Chris Young

Favorite movie: “8 Seconds”

Favorite athlete: Patrick Willis

Favorite team: USA

Favorite book: “Hatchet”

Favorite quote: “My will is stronger than your will until you prove me wrong and that’s just how it will be,” – Patrick Willis

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