Schneck names winners in student art contest

Schneck Medical Center recently announced the winners of its inaugural art contest for local K-12 students.

This year’s theme was “Wellness: Take the Stairs.”

The goal of the art contest was to make students, their families, and school staff more aware of a simple, no-cost decision they can make every day — to take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

Avery Seaman, an eighth-grader at Brown County Middle School, won Best in Show for her “eye-catching” illustration

“The purpose of my art project was to show that a goal should be visualized before it can be achieved,” she said in a news release from the Seymour hospital.

“Choosing the stairs over the elevator will result in weight loss and general health,” she said. “Once the body is healthy, the eyes will reflect it. I have heard my eye doctor say he can see signs of health problems by looking into someone’s eyes. I wanted to show how the eye reflects the goal and also reflects the final achievement.”

Other contest winners were:

Kindergarten to Grade 2: Paisleigh Peters, first; Dalton Lawyer, second; Kenzie Gagner, third place; Ivy Ye, honorable mention

Grade 3 to 5: Milla Rose, first; Sarah Lemming, second; Hannah Dart, third; Alicia Jackson, honorable mention

Grade 6 to 8: Collin Bratcher, first; Lauren Moore, second; Paige Hensley, third

Grade 9 to 12: Lane Sawyer, first; Jessica LaMaster, second; Kate Eastman, third; Taylor Cole, honorable mention

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Aubrey Woods is editor of The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at or 812-523-7051.