Authorities say traffic stop leads to drug charges for 1

A lack of license plates on mopeds led to the arrest of two Scott County residents.

Patrick A. Hirstein, 42, of Austin, faces charges of dealing in methamphetamine, a Level 5 felony, and dealing in a Scheduled I, II or III controlled substance, a Level 6 felony, along with a charge of driving while suspended with a previous conviction.

Natosha M. Potts, 32, also of Austin, faces a charge of driving while suspended with a previous conviction.

The incident that led to the arrests began about 8:55 p.m. Wednesday, Crothersville Police Chief Richard Hanlin said.

Reserve Officer Shane Collier reported seeing two mopeds, one later found to be driven by Potts and the second by Hirstein, without license plates traveling north on East Street in Crothersville.

According to a state law that took effect Jan. 1, motorized scooters must have license plates on them.

Hanlin said Collier followed the mopeds to Bard Street and then Preston Street, where he tried to pull both over with lights and sirens.

One rider sped up and drove to Walnut Street, skidding and almost hitting a stop sign, Hanlin said. The rider eventually stopped at Jackson Street, telling Collier he was unaware he was being pulled over, police said.

Hanlin said a neighbor nearby saw the rider throw something out as he was driving on Jackson Street.

Police then found a small pocket case about 15 feet from where the rider, identified as Hirstein, was pulled over. The case contained several bags of crystal methamphetamine and numerous pain pills. Hirstein denied it was his.

“The small bags appeared to be ready for distribution, and there was a scale,” Hanlin said.

He said police also found a large amount of cash wadded up in Hirstein’s pocket and a bag of methamphetamine, which Hirstein admitted were his.

Police said Hirstein told investigators he was on his way to a local store to make an exchange.

“He said he uses but doesn’t sell,” Hanlin said.

During Hirstein’s arrest, Potts tried to avoid driving onto Jackson Street but was stopped by Reserve Officer Darren Huddleston.

Police said she did not have any drugs on her.

Hirstein and Potts were taken to the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown. Hirstein is being held without bond pending his initial hearing. Potts posted a $705 bond and was released.

Crothersville Officer Brent Turner assisted at the scene.