Twenty-five students in Beth Shelton’s third-grade class at Brownstown Elementary School recently dressed up to portray historical characters during the historical wax museum, “What a bunch of characters!”

For their social studies culminating activity for the school year, students read about a historical figure that made an impact during some part of American or world history. They presented a speech as their person during the event.

The students memorized the information, dressed up in some way and/or used props and appeared as frozen (like wax figurines) until their “push” button was hit. Visitors pressed the button to activate the students’ acting and dialogue.

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In addition to their speeches, each student also created a trifold display board, which included a biography, a student-drawn portrait of their historical figure, a timeline, a word web and a compare/contrast diagram.

Other classes were invited to attend, along with parents, grandparents and other relatives.