Area girls learn softball fundamentals

For The Tribune

A group of young girls headed to the Seymour softball diamond to hone their softball skills.

The Seymour girls softball camp was conducted on three staggered days last week at Seymour High School.

The camp was mainly drawing younger participants since recreation leagues are still going on. Many of the camp participants were in the 5- to 10-year-old range.

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“We are trying to lay a good foundation (for the kids) as they move on,” said Brian Personett, Owls varsity coach and camp director.

Personett said he had some 7- and 8-year-old kids who are currently playing in a league.

“The objective is to work on fundamental fielding, fundamental catching and fundamental throwing,” Personett said. “We are trying to give the kids a basic foundation. Their mechanics are very important at this age.”

During the camp, the girls worked on simple drills and Personett encouraged them to practice at home in the backyard.

Many of the parents stuck around and watched, so the parents knew what drills to work on with their daughters.

“We just had the women’s college world series last week, and they may think that looks pretty cool, we’ll give that a try,” Personett said. “Watching girls play on television can spark interest in the sport at a young age.”

Camp counselor Logan Personett, who currently plays college softball at Marian University said, “I think the camp helps them with their fundamentals that perhaps the teams they play for don’t provide.”

Logan said she felt the camp can help expand the kids skills.

“It’s good for them to get experience from (experienced) players,” she said. “We are seeing more skills than we saw in the past. The girls are getting more opportunities to play and they are learning good skill sets.”

Lauren Schepman, seven-years-old, said she learned some things in the camp and she liked it. Schepman has played in preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

At this year’s camp, she learned how to hold the opposite arm out before throwing with her throwing arm.

“I am a softball person and a basketball person,” Schepman said.

She just finished basketball camp, and was glad to be at softball camp.

Reese Richey, 8, who plays softball with Schepman, also said the throwing and catching drills stood out for her.

“I learned the alligator catch,” Emmy Munson, 7, said.

The girls also learned a lot from hitting off a tee and the proper mechanics in swinging the bat.