Divided into four teams, on two playing courts inside the Bollinger Athletic Complex, sixth- through eighth-graders duke it out on the hardwood.

The kids play five-on-five, implementing new offenses and defensive schemes.

It’s rapid pace, with quick passing, drives to the hoop and midrange jump shots.

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Trinity Lutheran High School is hosting a pair of boys basketball camps this week for kids in second- through fifth-graders and sixth- to eighth-graders.

In the first two-hour segment, starting at 10 a.m., 15 of the younger-aged kids take the floor.

“We really focus on the basic skills: dribbling, form shooting and defense today,” Aaron Rudzinski, camp director and the Cougars’ varsity coach said.

“We will add on things each day and continue to build throughout the week. The biggest thing is to really key in on the fundamentals. Some of the kids haven’t picked up the ball a whole lot as second-graders or played on teams. Most of their experience is in their backyard shooting around.”

When the second group takes its two-hour shift, the camp goes into more detailed instruction.

With some of kids going into eighth grade, the camp teaches some of the Cougars’ junior varsity and varsity sets.

“We started the (older) camp off with various circuit, going through some drills,” Rudzinski said. “We then went into some full court team drills that we like to do at the high school level. They also got a chance to do some competitions.

“We are starting to implement some of the things at the high school level, because some of these kids are very close to being with (Trinity). That’s kind of the format we will use each day.”

With many of the kids in the second group varying in size and ability, the camp split kids up based on a variety of factors.

“We have a sixth through eighth grade, and we kind of split them up,” Rudzinski said. “Some of it had to do with size, and other was ability. They are going up against guys appropriate for their guys. You will always see a range, everyone develops differently.”

The camp will run through Thursday at the high school.

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