Since they began performing together in February 2013, David and Whitney Campbell have played more than 300 shows and have seen 40 states.

They also spent some time writing music and now are preparing for their first EP release as Dave and Whitney.

Jackson County residents will be able to hear songs from “Alibi” during an album release party July 11 at the Harmony Park music venue at Brooklyn Pizza Co., 753 W. Second St., Seymour. David Campbell’s hometown is Seymour, while Whitney Campbell is originally from Hanover.

“For all the folks who have watched me grow in Seymour, it will be nice to give back a finished copy of where we are at this point,” David Campbell said.

“I started playing guitar in my basement, which led to giving lessons at Music World on Tipton, then to playing live at Applebee’s. Then Seymour hasn’t seen much of me since then,” he added. “I’ve been in school, played over 1,000 shows, got married, seen 40 states in just the past two years with my beautiful wife, and now, here we are bringing our life and music together. The support so far has just been amazing.”

The event, hosted by KORN Country 100.3, starts at 6 p.m. July 11. Food and drinks will be available from Brooklyn Pizza Co., Flying Pig BBQ and Twisted Crew Brewing Co. Other musical acts include Blaise Streets, Lonesome Crow and Tommy Day.

The Campbells will sign copies of their EP, which includes four main tracks and two bonus tracks. A portion of the proceeds of each EP sold will go to Brooklyn Pizza Co.’s Free Hot Christmas Meals Program.

“The rest of the return will go toward the production of our very first full-length CD,” David Campbell said. “We’re excited about our journey and our continuation of growth.”

The couple, who now live in Nashville, Tennessee, started working on the EP in the spring of 2014. They wrote the song “Back Home” and both bonus tracks.

“I still remember riding down the road, and David turns to me and tells me about the idea, and that’s it,” Whitney Campbell said of “Back Home.” “It starts out as just an idea, then we take it and work on it more later.”

That song made it to one of their writing sessions with Grammy-nominated songwriter Jan Buckingham, and they finished it up at The Duck House.

“The family just loves that song, so it made it on the EP,” Whitney Campbell said.

The other songs were personally selected by the Campbells from some of the top songwriters in Nashville.

“Some of the same writers that write for Carrie Underwood, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, etc.,” Whitney Campbell said. “We aren’t sure how we got to work with such awesome people, but it’s happening.”

They recorded the EP at Legends Studio in Nashville, working with producer Dan Frizsell. The recording time was fast and efficient, David Campbell said.

“The Nashville way is to get in and get out, and that’s exactly what we did,” he said. “Otherwise, you’re paying for every hour you spend in the studio.”

David Campbell played guitar on the songs, along with musicians Jimmy Sloas on bass, Steve Brewster on drums, Russ Paul on steel, Derek Well on electric guitar, Jim Brown on keys and Biff Watson on acoustic guitar.

“You’ve most likely heard these guys’ work on your favorite records. They record for everyone,” David Campbell said.

This is the couple’s first music release together, but they both have dabbled in other projects. When David Campbell was with the band Long Since Anchorage, they released a CD.

“Sean Jennings, Matt Decker, Sam Cone, Zach Henderson and I spent laborious hours in the basement of my parents’ house making loud music,” he said. “We had a blast, and I remember selling over 400 copies of our finished product in the first week. We were totally humbled and didn’t know that many people wanted to buy our CD. My dad still plays those songs, and he swears it’s not nostalgia. He says he really digs ‘em.”

The Campbells said they are excited to have people hear their first project together.

“Some might say it took us a long time to come out with a CD, but we wanted to make sure the songs we chose fit our sound,” Whitney Campbell said. “Now that we have found our sound with the help of our producer, Dan Frizsell, it will be easy to come out with more songs as we continue to grow.”

Their next goal is a full-length CD.

“We are definitely continuing to write our own songs as well as work with some crazy-talented peeps down in Nashville,” Whitney Campbell said. “We’re seeing the snowball effect slowly working for us. We let some folks hear what we have done so far, and now, we’re getting other talented people interested in working with us, as well. It’s all good.”

Meet the Campbells

Names: David and Whitney Campbell

Ages: Both are 26

Hometowns: David is from Seymour, and Whitney is from Hanover

Residence: Nashville, Tennessee

Occupation: Perform together as Dave and Whitney

Genre: Country/rock/pop

Background: David has been playing guitar for 14 years and singing for 10 years, and Whitney has been singing for 15 years


If you go

What: Album release party for Dave and Whitney’s EP album, “Alibi”

When: 6 p.m. July 11

Where: Harmony Park music venue at Brooklyn Pizza Co., 753 W. Second St., Seymour

Who: Dave and Whitney will be joined by musical acts Blaise Streets, Lonesome Crow and Tommy Day

Offerings: Food and drink from Brooklyn Pizza Co., Flying Pig BBQ and Twisted Crew Brewing Co.; Dave and Whitney will meet with fans and sign copies of their EP, with a portion of the proceeds of each album sold going toward Brooklyn Pizza’s Free Hot Christmas Meals Program

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Zach Spicer is a reporter for The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at or 812-523-7080.