Cut firewood in state forests

Hoosiers can cut firewood in designated areas of Indiana state forests to help heat their home and reduce utility bills.

Starting Wednesday, permit holders will pay a fee of $10 per rick of firewood. The increase of $7 per rick is the first fee increase in more than 30 years for firewood permits.

“State forests have a long tradition of offering economical firewood opportunities for home heating,” assistant state forester Dan Ernst said. “The fee increase helps us continue the program and cover part of the program costs.”

A rick is about the size of a standard pickup truck load. A volume discount that costs $25 for three ricks also is available.

A rick of cut firewood in some parts of southern Indiana costs around $45 to $55 and about $10 more for delivery.

Each year, about 1,000 firewood cutting permits are sold, with projected revenues to the state of about $10,000 a year.

The designated cutting areas are on portions of forest where managed timber harvests have been completed. No standing trees may be cut.

No off-road vehicles are allowed, and cutters are expected to have appropriate personal protective equipment.

Permits must be purchased in advance from state forest offices and will outline the cutting location and times when wood may be cut.

Wood available includes oak, maple, yellow poplar, hickory and other hardwoods.

For information, visit Jackson-Washington State Forest, 1278 E. State Road 250, Brownstown, or call the office at 812-358-2160.