Amongst the hundreds of kids and tents set up at Shield’s Park Pool, at a small, white scorers table, I was able to find a pair of familiar faces Saturday.

Months since the end of the high school swimming season, I parked a seat next to Dave and Chris Boggs.

Unfamiliar with the event, prior to my interview for a story, I asked Dave about the history of the Pepsi Plunge while Chris meticulously recorded times after each race into a computer.

Dave told me about how he and Chris came to Seymour 25 years ago and had the pool redone. He said he told the city exactly what he wanted for the pool and the grand plan.

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He’s very proud of the pool and what it has become. The growth from top to bottom.

A girl, probably 10 years old, came up to Chris, and she dropped everything she was doing to help the youngster. The girl needed her goggles fixed.

I thought to myself, that’s Chris and Dave: They’re all about the meet and efficiency, but don’t overlook the little things.

The things that make a difference for each individual swimmer.

Conversation resumed.

Dave always tells me the way it is — a trait I greatly admire.

I wasn’t sure how to take it when I first met him, such straightforwardness, but now it makes for enjoyable banter.

We got professional and began the official interview.

On Saturday, the mayor, along with a group of past swimmers and members of the community, presented a key to the pool and pair of gifts to the husband and wife.

This past year, Dave was presented numerous awards during the high school season. However, he told me to never play the awards up, just to focus on the kids in my stories.

It’s always about the kids, no matter what.

He’s told me on multiple occasions the goal is to have the kids graduate the program with an understanding of how important it is to give back to the community. To help them become upstanding citizens.

When I asked him about the key to the pool, he paused and his eyes glaze over a bit.

“We are very honored and humbled to be recognized by the city,” Dave said. “It caught us really off-guard. Its been a pleasure running this pool and creating a great, safe facility for kids to enjoy their summer.”

During the interview, an official walked up to us and asked if I work for the newspaper.

He said that this is the premier swimming competition in the state, and while his kids are now grown, he makes the trek to Seymour from Indianapolis every year to be a part of the Plunge.

The interview concluded, and I spoke with Chris.

“It’s very humbling; we didn’t expect anything like that: It’s not the reason we do this,” Chris said.

If you know the swimming community, you see the closeness of the families and coaches.

The time that Chris and Dave Boggs have put in for the community shouldn’t go unrecognized.

They’ve provided and will continue to give kids in Seymour opportunities to grow as athletes, students and citizens.

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