Kids from Indiana, Georgia and Minnesota journeyed to Gymnastics Lane this week to strengthen their skills.

About 20 kids attended the annual gymnastics camp.

Some of the kids who are visiting family this summer joined in on the fun.

This past week, Gymnastics Lane had its gymnastics summer camp for kids of all ages.

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Angie Mellencamp, owner of Gymnastics Lane and Seymour High School head gymnastics coach, directed the camp.

Mellencamp said the youngest age at the camp was 4 years old, while the oldest was 16.

“With the younger kids we’re working on the basics,” Mellencamp said. “Some of the girls have experience and the others have none at all. It’s learning handstands, cartwheels and things like that. The older kids are working on their skills for the high school season.

“We split them up according to skill levels. We taught them all floor routines so they can show mom and dad their routine.”

On Thursday, the final day of the camp, the kids got to work on their favorite event they practiced throughout the week.

“Today, we’ve done vault, bars, beam and floor,” Mellencamp said Thursday. We have a tumble track which is a bonus also. We’ve done games with a parachute and other gymnastic-type games with the kids. There’s also been lots of dancing this week.”

One of the longer camps, with sessions lasting three hours starting at 9 a.m., Mellencamp wanted the kids to experience all of the events.

“We do it because there’s four events,” Mellencamp said of the three-hour span. “It’s hard to get the kids introduced to everything. We try to do three hours because we do at least two events a day with breaks in between. We’re not just focused on one thing; they have four events that are completely opposite in learning the basics.”

For 7-year-old Jada Miller, it was the third time she attended the camp.

“I came because it’s fun, and I like to do everything here,” Miller said. “The bars are my favorite event because they’re fun to do pullovers on. I loved doing the vault this week.”

Krenzley Zumhingst, 7, said she enjoyed getting better at the events.

“I wanted to get my strength and grow,” Zumhingst said. “I’m good at cartwheels. I’ve been here two times. I want to come back next year so I can get more stronger.”

On Aug. 8, there will be a mock meet for the camp participants to show off their skills.

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