What can I say? These past few weeks have been filled with ups and downs.

Sometimes, I feel like I am just hanging on for dear life.

Last week was a long one, leading up to my “recovery week” this week.

It was lots of workouts that I mostly just didn’t want to do.

Not because they were individually particularly hard, but together they were exhausting. All I could think of was just one foot in front of another.

I know that I was grouchy with my family and friends.

It’s one of those things that you know it is happening but have such a hard time controlling it.

My brother Todd (who’s also training for Ironman Louisville) and I text back and forth each morning talking about our workouts for the day, what’s coming up and how we’re feeling.

Most texts between us last week were, “I am just tired. Don’t wanna swim,” or, “90 mile ride solo. Ugh. Gonna be long and hot. I don’t want to get up tomorrow morning and run 13 miles!”

Although we’re not doing the same training plan, they are similar.

We’re getting down to crunch time here with only two months until race day.

My brother said that he can’t wait until we start to taper our workouts when the race is two weeks away.

I said that all I can do is just put one foot in front of another.

I can’t look six weeks ahead.

It’s all I can do to just get through today.

I’m hoping that this week of recovery (only 11 hours of training) will help me find my positive attitude and motivation to not just complete the workouts but push it hard.

Hopefully, you won’t see me out there pounding the pavement a ton this weekend.

I’m going to be relaxing at home and hanging with my family and friends, and trying not to think about next week’s 19 hours of training.

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Jordan Morey is sports editor at The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at jmorey@tribtown.com or 812-523-7069.