BCHS golf for August 18

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Coach Brandon Allman said members of his Brownstown Central golf team seemed to lose their focus around the greens during Monday’s match against Eastern (Pekin) at Hickory Hills Golf course.

“Around the greens again, just watching girls go back-and-forth,” Allman listed as the problem area, as the Braves posted a score of 215.

Eastern only had three eligible players and did not register a team score.

“It was frustrating, especially after Friday (practice),” Allman said.

“That’s all we did for two hours, practice chipping, and we ended practice where they had to make three three-foot putts in a row, so it was all short game.

“Of course on Friday, were just worked on bump-and-run shots, so we’re going to have to work on using a different kind of wedge around the green to practice getting a little air, so when they short side themselves they can land it a little bit softer and it won’t roll out as far. That is what I saw the most.”

Kaela Tormoehlen was the only Braves golfer on either team to break 50 as she carded a 48.

Next for the Braves was Emma Zabor at 50, followed by Breonna Bottorff with 58 and Regan Campbell at 59.

Approach shots are going to be a point of emphasis moving forward, Allman said.

“They need to get more loft,” he said. “When you short side yourself, and the pin is really close to you, you’ve got to be able to land a little bit softer.

“If the green is further away you can take a pitching wedge or a nine iron or something and bump-and-run it so it rolls out more like a putt.”

On the day, Allman said he saw some good drives.

“I saw several good tee shots,” he said. “I saw a couple tee shots that cost us. We had a couple penalty shots on tee shots, but for the most part it’s just when we get within 100 yards to right around the green and it’s just watching four or five shots.

“I know that is what KaCee (Collins) did. I watched her on the first two holes, and she was beside the green in two or three but then ended up taking five shots to get it in.”

The Braves will work on their short game during the next three days before going to Scottsburg on Friday for a three-way meet with the Warriors and Silver Creek.

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.