Murphy-Davis 42nd Reunion

The 42nd annual family reunion of the Alvin and Maudie Davis Murphy was conducted Aug. 23 in the annex at Crothersville United Methodist Church with 34 people in attendance.

Jack Riehl gave the dinner invocation.

President Leroy Davis II called the reunion to order. Eunice Lacey read a poem in memory of Donna Sue Murphy Mosley, daughter of Granville and Elsie Murphy and great-granddaughter of Alvin and Maudie Murphy.

The 2016 officers are Davis, president; Mike Payne, vice president; Lacey, secretary and treasurer; Sundra Leahigh, scrapbook chairwoman; Robert Peacock, Betsy Ackeret and Karen Davis, refreshment committee;  Loretta Riehl, Julie Shunney and Janet Manger, entertainment committee; Sue Payne, Leahigh and Riehl, phone committee.

JoAnn Webster will continue to buy flowers for the grave of Maudie and Alvin Murphy around Memorial Day.

It was voted to continue having the reunion next year with a basket dinner at 1 p.m. Aug. 28 in the church annex.

The program committee gave prizes to the oldest woman present, Sue Payne; the oldest man present, Bobby Murphy; the person traveling the farthest, Janet Manger; the youngest boy present, Briar Hardy; and oldest teenager present, Brendan Smith.

Smaller gifts were given out to nearly everyone present by playing various games.

The rest of the day was spent reminiscing about the days going to Grandma and Grandpa Murphy’s house in the country, looking at pictures of the past and present, taking pictures and playing bean bag toss.