Brave making the most of time in trenches

Brownstown Central’s Logan Callahan is a program guy.

Callahan started his football career in the fifth grade in Brownstown’s 56ers program and has competed for the Braves ever since.

This season, Callahan has gotten the chance to start at left tackle for the Braves after three years of junior varsity.

The big guy thrives on the offensive line and is always looking to help his team make big plays.

“It’s fun to block for everyone,” Callahan said. “You know that you’re helping out the receivers. They are able to go and score with our help.”

For Callahan, football started as a social event: A time to make friends and hang out with the other kids growing up.

“At first, I only played because a bunch of friends were doing it,” Callahan said. “I started enjoying it more and continued to play.”

In games, Callahan said he doesn’t have a preference to whether the offense is throwing or running the ball.

“We need to stay focused. We can’t get confused on plays and make sure we take care of our responsibilities.”

While playing on the offensive line isn’t glamorous, Callahan thrives in the position.

“I focus on my technique,” Callahan said. “I make sure that I’m doing the right plays. On the line we need to make sure we don’t mess up.”

Callahan said that as an offensive lineman, it’s important to get a quick jump off the quarterback’s snap.

“It’s important to get off the snap because you need to beat the defense,” he said. “If you beat them then they can’t read the offense as well. The slower you are the better the look they get on your offense.”

Over the past four years, Callahan feels like he has gotten much stronger physically which has translated to the game field.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger,” Callahan said. “I’m one of the top squatters. I have squatted 405 pounds.”

Thus far this season, Callahan likes the way his team is shaping up leading up to the postseason.

“We’re staying focused,” Callahan said. “Every once in a while we will have some slips, but we still stay focused.”

In his spare time, Callahan likes to hunt, fish, ride bicycles and ATVs.

Following high school, Callahan said he plans on attending college and studying either computer engineering or computer technology.

At a glance

Parents: Charity and Hershel Callahan

Siblings: Jade Callahan, Alex Betz

Sports: football 4 years

Plans after high school: attend college

Favorite food: peaches

Favorite TV show: “Alaska: The Last Frontier”

Favorite team: Indianapolis Colts


Q: What are your expectations for this football season?

A: “I want us to go as far as we possibly can. Hopefully we can make it all the way to state.”

Q: What’s something that might surprise people that you do for fun?

A: “I’m a bigger person who rides bicycles. I think most people wouldn’t think that I’d do that. I just like riding.”

Q: How much work goes into preparing for games?

A: “We do a lot of  preparation. We will do stuff before, during and after school. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot stronger and smarter.”


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Jordan Morey is sports editor at The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at or 812-523-7069.