Loyal Devoir Society

Loyal Devoir Society of the Central Christian Church met for the September meeting. President Paula Stafford thanked Patty Elmore’s group for being hostesses.

Loretta Riehl gave devotions on the theme “Autumn Leaves” from Ecclesiastes 3:1.

The June and August minutes were read and approved along with the treasurer’s report by Betty Guinn.

A memorial for Elmore’s sister was given.

A request from Mental Health America of Jackson County for a Christmas donation was read, and the Tech Team thanked us for a donation.

Lucy Dembek reported the proposed bylaws were discussed at the board meeting.

Bonnie Koontz has Christmas cards in and will have a sale Sunday with Shirley Reichenbacker helping her.

Cards were signed by the group for the sick.

Brenda Goss thanked everyone for the Eastern Star dinner Sept. 19. Lois Gueter thanked her helpers and the ones who made the pies.

Stafford announced the club will set up and provide goodies for the Fellowship Cafe on Oct. 4. Dembek volunteered.

A reception was conducted Oct. 4 for Marsha Rodenberger.

A motion was passed to donate to Mental Health America of Jackson County.

The meeting was closed with the Mizpah Benediction.