Crothersville clerk-treasurer race Democrat NaLona R. Deputy Bush

Why are you running for the clerk-treasurer position?

I have a deep-rooted commitment and loyalty to this community and the people in it. I have a passion for serving the public, and the clerk-treasurer’s position is where I can best provide support to the Crothersville residents.

How does your educational, professional or other background prepare you for this role?

I was honored to serve as Crothersville’s clerk-treasurer for 12 years, and during that time, I worked hard to benefit the community. I have strong municipal financial skills that are relevant to the duties performed.

What do you feel is the clerk-treasurer’s most important function, and why do you feel it is the most important?

While there are many functions and duties that are important to the day-to-day operations in the town’s office, I believe a clerk-treasurer’s most important function is the ability to provide guidance and support to the citizens of our community. The town’s clerk-treasurer’s office is at times the first place a person goes for help or information, whether it is someone new to town or a lifelong resident, and community members should always feel welcome, be treated with respect and know their questions or concerns will be heard.

What makes an effective clerk-treasurer?

An effective clerk-treasurer is available to the public during business hours, ready to serve the taxpayers and assist them when in need. In addition, all clerk-treasurer duties set forth by the state board must be met, not outsourced and paid with taxpayers’ money. Also, the best interests of the town and its residents should remain a top priority.

How will you ensure the office runs in an orderly fashion?

I will perform all duties by the book morally, ethically and legally. I pride myself on honesty, integrity and reliability, a perfect fit for the clerk-treasurer’s position. I will make certain all of Crothersville’s finances are served in the best interest of the town as well as its residents.

NaLona R. Deputy Bush

Name: NaLona R. Deputy Bush

Age: 56

Occupation: Works at Valeo Lighting Systems

Education: Crothersville High School (1977)

Political experience: Crothersville clerk-treasurer from 2000 to 2011

Family: Parents, Barbara McKain Deputy and the late Jackie “Jack” Lynn Deputy; two brothers; one son