Crothersville Town Council race Democrat Lenvel “Butch” Robinson

Why did you decide to run for the Crothersville Town Council?

To help the town out, to help improve the town. You’ve got to work with the other council members to get anything done. I want to try to improve our town and to make it more appealing for people to move here, and I want to work with the people here in town so that they will stay here. I want to attract some businesses to town and get some people here into town somehow.

What do you think you can bring to the town council?

The majority of things in the town that the council controls are either getting houses fixed, buildings fixed or streets fixed. You have a lot of rules and regulations you have to work over, also. I think I can be a great help to them with my background in construction. I have a heck of a lot of education in that field because I’ve been in construction all my life, so I have a real good idea what these things should cost and how they should be handled. In that regard, I think I can be a little bit of a help in how to go about construction projects.

What’s the most pressing issue facing the town at this time?

We have a combined sewer system. We are trying to get the sewer lines and the stormwater lines split apart so that it would increase the usable power of our sewer plant because we’re running way too much water through there. If we could get those separated off, it would make our sewer plant a lot more efficient so that we don’t have to treat water that could just go straight to the river. Right now, our sewer plant is treating a whole lot of water that doesn’t need to be treated.

How you plan to address it?

We have a project that’s going to start early next year to separate from Hominy Ditch up to the neighborhood of Kovener Street and Howard Street. I think that will show a big improvement right here. We just need to continue to try to get more things done like that throughout the town.

How would you help the council be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money?

We just need to be more responsible in how we spend the funds that we have because our budget isn’t that large, so we need to be real responsible with how we use our budget and what we spend it on.

Lenvel "Butch" Robinson

Name: Lenvel “Butch” Robinson

Age: 69

Occupation: Job superintendent with Force Construction

Education: Crothersville High School (1964); attended seminars for the construction trade and safety-related policies over the years

Political experience: Elected to the Crothersville Town Council in 2011 and began serving in 2012; member of the Jackson County Solid Waste Management District committee; past board member of the Crothersville-Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department

Family: Wife, Glenda Robinson; four daughters; six grandchildren