Fort Vallonia Days results

47th annual Fort Vallonia Days



Marching band: Brownstown Central High School, first

Marching drill unit: Brownstown Central High School, first

Walking unit: Bicentennial Planning Committee of Jackson County, first; Brownstown Central Middle School cheerleaders, second; Brownstown Central High School cheerleaders, third

Antique car: Glenn and June East, first; Bruce and Kay Atkinson, second

Classic car: Bruce and Michelle Silence, first; Chuck McCann, second; Chris Metcalf, third

Modified car: Columbus Area Rodders, first

Float: Veterans of Foreign Wars, first; St. Peter’s Lutheran Preschool, second; Doty’s Fall Fun, third

Special feature: Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary, first; Medora Christmas Parade, second; The Gremlins, third

Antique farm equipment: Ira Stout, first; Walter Ward, second; Connor Tape, third

Horse and rider: Angie Mayfield, first; Doug Mayfield, second; Karen Chapman, third

Horse and rider-youth: Chelsea Reynolds, first; Laken Reynolds, second; Tucker Mayfield, third

Horse and rig: The Daultons, first; Marty and Lori Reynolds, second

Horseshoe pitch: Leroy Salmon, Seymour, first; Wayne Wagner, Seymour, second; Glenn Hitmer, Salem, third

Baking contest

Grand champion: Lori Franklin (persimmon pudding)

Persimmon pudding: Lori Franklin

Taste of Season champion: Lori Underwood (mocha express cupcakes)

Cake: Lori Franklin (zucchini chocolate cake)

Pie: Lori Franklin (pumpkin persimmon)


Youth: Nathan Davis, Pekin, first; Gavin Davis, Seymour, second; Patrick Badamo, Carrollton, Kentucky, third

Women: Mamie Boling, Vallonia, first; Kyra Baxter, Elizabethtown, second; Arlene Lange, Seymour, third

Men: Jeff Newport, Carrollton, Kentucky, first; Preston Gerbig, Seymour, second; David Boling, Vallonia, third

High score combined: Zach Davis, Seymour

Open knives: Joe-D Baxter, Elizabethtown, first; Lowell Crane, Mitchell, second; Matt Davis, Pekin, third

Baby contest

Girls 0 to 6 months: Cosbee Baum, first; Cheryl Delaney VanHorn, second; Chloe Mae Willard, third

Boys 0 to 6 months: Jack Bohman, first; Liam Stuckwisch, second

Girls 7 to 12 months: Emryne Bowling, first; Jayelyn Warner, second; Ellyeanna Narvell, third

Boys 7 to 12 months: Owen Hackman, first; Dalton Russell Wease, second; Jackson Klakamp, third

Girls 13 to 23 months: Addalyn Wilson, first; Dakoda Harris, second; Adalin Wilcoxon and Hayclyn Jones, third

Boys 13 to 23 months: Aiden Baughman, first; Jacobi Abel, second; Deacon Wayt, third

Girls 2 to 3 years: Kinsley Markel, first; Rory Bevers, second; Harper Hackman, third

Boys 2 to 3 years: Greyson Trueblood, first

Other results

Craft booth winners: Pappie and Me, Georgetta Carr, first; Thankful Hearts and Crafts, second; Natalie Houchin, third

Flea market booth winners: 31 Bags, Kathy Dove, first; Horseshoe Crafts, Jay and Wendy Eberts, second; Tampico Toy, Larry Stuckwisch, third

Beanbag tournament: Jimmy Monroe and Gary Jackson, first; Dale Monroe and Scott Deaton, second; Roger Pennington and Zane Sowder, third