What’s Your Workout? – Joshua Brown

Age: 27

Residence: Seymour

Occupation: Chemist

What is your workout schedule?

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“I work out six days a week in the evening after work. I attend CrossFit classes or some type of specialty class, such as Olympic lifting or gymnastics. Sundays are a rest day.”

What is your favorite workout to do and why?

“Anything involving deadlifts or heavy squats combined with something light, such as jumping rope, pull-ups or running. Moving a large amount of weight and then having to perform a much faster movement is very difficult. It’s important for me to not only be as strong as possible, but to also be fast.”

Where do you work out, and what do you like about that place?

“I work out at 812 CrossFit in Columbus. Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. It’s a very positive community filled with people who really enjoy being physically active.”

How does exercising make you feel?

“Exercising relaxes me. Put a barbell in my hands, and nothing else matters. I can work off all of the stress from the day.”

What do you eat or avoid eating to be healthy?

“I follow what is known as flexible dieting. It is a methodology of tracking all protein, fat and carbs to promote optimal performance and health. I try to avoid eating carbs throughout the day so I can save them for around the time I work out. I enjoy the occasional doughnut or sweet treat, but my true weakness is Reese’s peanut butter cups.”

What are some fitness goals that you have achieved that you’re proud of?

“Back squat is by far my favorite of all of the lifts. I have once completed one at 400 pounds. My body weight is only 175 pounds. It was a goal of mine for about 10 years. I hope to get even stronger and squat much more in the future.”

What are your fitness goals?

“I want to be as strong and fast as possible. My goals are to be competitive at local CrossFit competitions and maybe make it to the regional level.”

Are you currently training for any type of event, such as a marathon, triathlon, etc.? If so, what does your training or routine involve?

“I’m not training for any one event. I am constantly training to be stronger and faster overall. Being active and healthy is one of my biggest priorities.”

What is your advice to encourage others to exercise?

“Everybody has to start somewhere. It doesn’t have to be much. Going for a walk is a great start. Just get moving, and you will go places.”

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