Donations nearing $10,000 for Basket Fund

The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $9,534 on Friday with 14 donations totaling $880.

The new donations are:

In memory of our veterans, $100, from Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1925 Men’s Auxiliary.

In loving memory of Mike and Betty Taskey, Susan Tannenbaum and Don Whitney, $50, from Vickie Burrell, Micki Prewitt and their families.

In honor of my husband, $25, from Cindy Thixton.

In lieu of Christmas cards and in memory of John Wills, Emmett Bane, David Bane, Jerry Smith and Myrtle Price, $100, from Sharon Wills and family.

Merry Christmas, $25, from Melvin and Phyllis Beeker.

In memory of Marteena Muncy, our loving mother, mother-in-law and grandma, $50, from Melissa, Gerald and Lisa Barrett.

Merry Christmas, $50, anonymous.

In memory of Jeff “Ep” Bolte and in lieu of Christmas cards, $30, from Sandy Bolte and family.

In memory of Michael Bobb and Herbert T. Elmore, $50, from Richard and Janet Bobb.

In loving memory of Sarah E. Blevins, $150, from her family.

In memory of our loved ones, $50, from Mary Hall and Judy McKinney.

In memory of Barbara and Earl Hillebrand and Margaret and John Jarvis, $50, from William and Kathryn Jarvis.

In memory of those we lost too soon, $50, from the Lucas family reunion.

In memory of all our family members who are deceased, $100, from Patty and Stretch Wineinger.