Donations grow to more $10,300 for Basket Fund

Donations grow to more $10,300 for Basket Fund

The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $10,344 over the weekend with 10 donations totaling $810.

The new donations are:

In loving memory of my husband, Donnie Lewis; daughter, Tammy Metz; our parents; and other loved ones, $35, from Patty Lewis and family.

Merry Christmas to all and in memory of Dan, Donnie, D.R. and Janet, $50, from Don and Jenny Pridgen.

In lieu of Christmas cards and in memory of my husband, Earl, $50, from Hulda.

In memory of Emmett and Hettie Caplinger, Glenn and Lucile Keach, Emmett Caplinger Jr., John K. Keach Sr., Carolyn K. Zeller and Rosemary Hutchinson, $50, from the Caplingers.

From the estate of Anne Borges for many wonderful years of real estate in Seymour and Jackson County, $250.

In loving memory of our parents, Joseph L. and Ruby Deppen; and our sister, Pamela Lawson, $100, from Ron and Donna Reichenbacker and family, Joe and Rita Deppen and family, Shawn and Lisa Deppen and family and Odas and Phyllis Higginbotham.

In loving memory of our father, Odas Higginbotham; and our brother, Ronnie P. Higginbotham, $75, from Odas Higginbottam Jr. and Phyllis, Tony and Connie Bolte and family, and Louie “Bud” and Bonnie Daab and family.

In memory of Mom and Dad, $50, from Katie Hunsucker.

In memory of George Pfaffenberger, $100, from Jo.

In celebration of Zoey and Joe, $50, from Jo Pfaffenberger.