Forget the odds, Dream really big

The estimated Powerball jackpot for today is $800 million. We asked a few of our readers what they would do with that kind of money.

Fix up abandoned houses for struggling single moms that are trying. — Lynn Neal of Bainbridge, formerly of Seymour

DONATE!!!! A LOT!!!! And then travel! — Amy Bechelli of Seymour

Beach house in Costa Rica, travel the world, give my family a nice chunk and set up a personal foundation for charitable giving. — Brandon Combs of Chicago, formerly of Seymour

Cake for everyone! — Craig Rieckers of Dudleytown

Share the wealth!! Nobody needs that much money. — Brenda Klosterman of Seymour

I would probably die from a heart attack, but I would donate a lot of it to animal rescues. — Lisa Morris of Seymour

Donate, donate, donate. … Give back to my community, family, friends and God. — Robert Dillman of Seymour

I’d live the life of a philanthropist, for sure! — Rikki Grant-Goble of Washington state, formerly of Seymour

Build an apartment complex just for the homeless to get back on their feet, and a drug rehab that’s free for those that need help. — Christine Nowling of Seymour

Donate to and promote music and reading programs and support small businesses, while also establishing a full-ride scholarship for a yet-to-be determined group of scholars. Oh, and buy lots of books and music. — Tammie Craig-Niewedde of Brownstown

Run for president! — Doug Gregory of Seymour

Pay off things and finish school. Put money back for my kids’ college. Buy a house and help family then donate. — Elisha Troxell-Scheible of Columbia, South Carolina, formerly of Seymour.

I would use my time, talent and money to change the world! — Kendra Zumhingst of Seymour

Start a do-over program that funds driven people experiencing a rough way to go, giving them the opportunity to start over. — Tara Overbay-Johnson of Seymour

Pay off my student loans, pay for my wedding, pay off my house and all our other bills, start a doggy day care, invest for my future children, help out others. … I’d settle for a million. — Sydney Schulz of Michigan, formerly of Seymour

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January Rutherford is a reporter for The (Seymour) Tribune. She can be reached at or 812-523-7069.