Letter: Letter to the Editor, Carli Rider

To the editor:

“But people in a small town tend to do a lot of talking, even when they don’t know what they’re talking about.” — Don Roff

Seymour is a town of many people. A town of kindness, a town of peace and hope for the best. At least this is my opinion of our dearest town.

People always say, “We need to fix Seymour.” “The city government never does anything to better our town.” “Our new sign is a waste of money.” Little do they know, I think our town is awesome.

People should start hearing the positive about the town they work, sleep and breathe in. They shouldn’t talk bad about a town that has done so much for them.

Our police men are always on top of it! They will be there when you call, they will sweep up the crime in our town so you don’t have to deal with it. They keep our town safe. I know it is safe to say our police crew is excellent.

I’m pretty sure most everyone in Seymour has a home or has a place to stay. There is a homeless shelter, the Anchor House, and many churches that would take you in any day. We should be thankful for our town.

I am one for adventures, and this town has a lot of places to explore. Our downtown still has some really cool shops. Two coffee shops, dress shop, bike shop, shops with adorable things. Places to bike, people to see, talk to and start relationships.

This town is a town of fascinating people, and many bright minds that make up this town. We should be proud. Enough small town gossip and more big town pride.

Carli L. Rider