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Mikayla Fee enjoyed being in the middle of the action when it came to playing volleyball and basketball at Seymour.

She was a middle hitter in volleyball and a post player on the basketball team this winter.

Fee was a three-year starter in basketball and a two-year starter in volleyball.

In basketball, Fee hoped to face a man defense so that she had easier looks at the basket.

“I would rather play against man just because zone makes it kind of hard to get anything done inside because you have three people there instead of one,” Fee said.

Fee said she works hard on her rebounding with the key being, “just going after it hard every time and just getting in the right position. That helps.”

While the Owls had multiple sets, Fee preferred to run and press.

“I think that (was) a big part of our game,” she said. “That helps a lot. It’s how we can get out and run and look for the open person.”

Fee scored a career-high 22 points against Floyd Central this season and scored 19 against Whiteland her junior year.

As a middle hitter, Fee had to command the net.

“You really have to pay attention to the other team’s hitters who you’re matched up against and try to get your block up in time to stop it for the passers,” Fee said. “It takes a lot of timing and a lot of talking. It keeps you on your toes because it’s not the same every time.”

Fee says it is important to win the first set.

“It takes off a lot of pressure,” she said. “You’re more relaxed going into the second set. It’s more fun to play if you know you’re won the first set.”

She said she enjoys playing tough competition in both sports, and she feels the games prepare the Owls for sectionals.

“(In basketball) especially with the Bedford tournament,” Fee said. “It’s more toward the end of the season, so we get more prepared for that, especially this year with the sectional being at Bedford. That helps a lot.”

She said her biggest victory was beating Bedford North Lawrence at the beginning of the season.

“They’ve been so dominant the past few years, ever since I’ve been in high school,” she said. “It was an awesome experience to beat them, especially at home.”

Mikayla’s sister, Makenna, also played both volleyball and basketball. They ride to and from school together.

“It’s been really fun having her on the team,” Mikayla said. “We were really close before. It’s really fun to have her around all the time.

Mikayla and Makenna were on the floor at the same time in a few games this season.

“We played a whole AAU season together, and we got put in together there sometimes, so it’s not our first time playing together,” Fee said. “It’s still a lot of fun. She’s really good at taking whatever I tell her the right way, and she’s done really well this year. I’m proud of her.”

Whether it’s volleyball or basketball, Fee said that having a strong mental game is a key to success.

“It’s a huge part because sometimes the coaches are really hard on you and you’ve just got to take it as a good thing because they’re trying to make you the best you can possibly be — so that’s a big part of it — and also preparing for other teams, especially in basketball,” Fee said.

At a glance

Name: Mikayla Fee

Parents: Tonya and Jason

Siblings: Makenna, Todd, Tori

Sports: Volleyball, four years; basketball, four years

Athletics highlights: Basketball — unbeaten at home and conference champs 2015-16

Organizations: National Honor Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mr. SHS

Plans after high school: Attend college, study occupational therapy

Favorite food: Crab Rangoon

Favorite TV show: “Psych”

Favorite singer: Josh Turner

Favorite movie: “Sweet Home Alabama”

Favorite team: Kentucky Wildcats


Q: What’s it like playing in the Lloyd E. Scott Gymnasium?

A: “I think the best part is the crowd we get here (both sports). We have a lot of support from our fans and I think that is the biggest part, knowing that you have a lot of people there cheering you on to win.”

Q: Do you have a favorite away gym?

A: “I like going to Brownstown because it’s close, and there were a lot of people on our side, too. I really like Jeffersonville’s new gym. It’s really nice after they redid everything.”

Q: Do you enjoy attending Seymour?

A: “It’s great. We have really good teachers here, and it’s just a fun place, and we learn a lot of stuff. There is a lot of stuff to get involved too, and I think that makes it more fun. I’m going to remember all the friends I’ve made through athletic teams. We’re all really tight.”

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.