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Morgan Wehmiller knows every inch of the hardwood in “The Pit” at Brownstown Central High School.

Wehmiller spent a lot of time during the past four falls and winters in the gym, preparing for her next volleyball match or basketball game.

She was a two-year starter in both sports.

Wehmiller was one of seven seniors on the volleyball team, but she was the only senior on the basketball team.

“It was a lot different (senior year),” Wehmiller said. “During volleyball they all knew the gist of the whole thing. Me being the only senior in basketball I kind of taught them at first and got things going.”

Wehmiller said she enjoyed filling a captains role in both sports.

“I knew I had to step up and be a leader,” she said. “My teams needed me from that aspect.”

In games, Wehmiller typically filled a guard position where she always looked for an open shot.

“That was my favorite thing, shooting 3s,” she said.”I also liked driving to the basket. Personally, I liked playing against a zone better. It leaves the outside open more. I guess it just depended on the team because sometimes against man you could get open more.”

Wehmiller’s career-high in points was 20 against Henryville, and she scored 18 against Brown County this season and 18 against Mitchell last winter.

She said she enjoyed the running game on both ends.

“That is what we were big on, getting down the court fast in transition,” Wehmiller said. “I was usually at midcourt on our press. It depended on what kind of press we were in. Sometimes we just wanted to slow teams down, and sometimes I trapped.”

While playing volleyball, Wehmiller played in multiple positions.

“You had to see where the blockers were and find the holes,” Wehmiller said. “I hit on the outside and went in for left back. My serving was good. I got the leading server award. When you made a good play in the back row it gave the team a lot of momentum.”

Wehmiller said teamwork and communication were keys to winning this past fall.

“You really had to know your setter and how she was going to set the ball,” she said. “She has to know where you want the ball and how high or whatever.

“(Winning the) first set was very important because it determined your momentum. It wasn’t too hard to come back after the first one, but you really wanted to win the first one.”

Wehmiller played club volleyball for two years in Seymour outside of the high school season.

“We worked on all the fundamentals,” Wehmiller said. “It wasn’t just games. We did a lot of individual work. It was definitely a good experience. I learned how to play with all kinds of players.”

Whether she was shooting into a net or hitting over one, Wehmiller always tried to keep a strong mental game.

“ I’d say 50 percent of your game is mental,” Wehmiller said. “You have to be mentally prepared for games and stuff. For basketball we watched these videos to help with the mental aspect. You have to practice like how you are going to play the game or you’ll just be slow or sluggish in the games and you won’t win.”


Q: Will you miss attending Brownstown Central?

A: “I enjoyed it here. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I enjoy all of the people here, the teachers, and sports. I’ll definitely remember the friends. I wouldn’t have made it without them. Through sports I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Q: What’s it like playing at “The Pit?’

A: “The environment (for volleyball) was great, and with all our fans coming out and supporting us. I’ll never forget it. I loved how the band played (for basketball). They really get you pumped up with our school song at the beginning it would really get your blood flowing.”

Q: Do you have a favorite away gym?

A: “Probably Seymour’s because of the rivalry. The atmosphere there is really good.”

At a glance

Name: Morgan Wehmiller

Parents: Tracy and Kathy Wehmiller

Siblings: Brittany, Marie, Jay

Sports: Basketball, four years; volleyball, four years; softball, two years; track, one year

Athletics highlights: Volleyball: 2015 most valuable player, serving award, 2013 Final Four; basketball: 2015-16 Toby Yoho all-tourney team, all-conference team

Organizations: Booster Club, Lettermen’s Club

Plans after high school: Attend University of Indianapolis, major in nursing

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “The Bachelor”

Favorite musicians: Taylor Swift, The Dixie Chicks

Favorite movie: “The Lucky One”

Favorite team: Notre Dame

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.