In Jackson County, the winter sports season often is a family affair.

Several basketball coaches at county high schools paid a lot of attention to more than one high school basketball team this winter, as several coaches had children on other teams.

Karla Rieckers recently completed her ninth year as head coach of the Brownstown Central girls program. Her husband, Pat, was an assistant coach, and their son, Derek, is a member of the boys program.

Chris Mains was an assistant coach with the Crothersville girls. His son, Micah, is a member of the boys team, and daughter, Abby, is a cheerleader.

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Lee Ann Borden was an assistant coach with the Brownstown girls team, and her son, Seth, is a member of the boys team.

At Crothersville, Bobby Riley is the boys junior varsity coach, and his daughter, Maddie, was a member of the girls team.

Mark Lubker, an assistant coach with the Brownstown boys team, watched daughter, Maci, on the Seymour girls team.

Three of the girls coaches coached their daughters this winter — Medora’s Brad McCammon and Carley, Crothersville’s Kevin Hensley and Piper and Trinity Lutheran’s Mike Lang and Emilee.

At Crothersville, Greg Kilgore is head coach of the Crothersville boys team, and his stepson, Tyler Luedeman, is a member of the Tigers’ varsity.

Trinity boys coach Aaron Rudzinski’s niece, Nora, was a member of the girls team at Trinity.

Carley McCammon said it was an interesting experience playing for her father.

“Coaches have a tendency, if they have a child on the team, they tend to take it out harder on them,” she said. “But I think it has made me have stronger character because I’ve learned to accept criticism. I’ve gotten used to it, and I’ve learned to take it positively instead of being offended by it.”

There are two sets of twins on basketball rosters this winter. Matt and Mike Jones of Medora are twins, and they have a younger brother, Skylar, on the roster; and Matthew Garland is on the boys team at Brownstown, and his twin, Tayler, was a member of the Brownstown girls team.

At Seymour, there were twins on the Seymour wrestling team, David and John Shuffitt, and twins on the swim team, Dalton and Dillon Polley.

Sisters on basketball rosters were Mikayla and Makenna Fee and Morgan and Megan Ritz at Seymour, Piper and Laney Acton at Trinity, and Carolyn and Cassie Maxie at Brownstown.

Mikayla and Morgan said they enjoyed having younger sisters on their teams.

Mikayla and Makenna played volleyball and basketball this school year.

“It’s been really fun having her on the team,” Mikayla said. “We were really close before. It’s fun to have her around all the time.”

Mikayla and Makenna were on the floor at the same time in a few basketball games this season.

“We played a whole AAU season together, and we got put in together there sometimes, so it’s not our first time playing together,” Mikayla said. “She’s really good at taking whatever I tell her the right way.”

Mikayla said she liked having her sister as a teammate this winter.

“I guess I don’t do a very good job of separating sister from teammate sometimes because I want her to do the best, and I want her to be better than me, which I think in some areas she already is,” Mikayla said. “I just try to push her. It’s fun. I like having Makenna here.”

At a glance

Winter sports relations

Brownstown Central basketball

Carolyn and Cassie Maxie (sisters)

Karla, Pat and Derek Rieckers (parents and son)

Matthew and Tayler Garland (twins)

Lee Ann and Seth Borden (mother and son)

Crothersville basketball

Kevin and Piper Hensley (father and daughter)

Greg Kilgore and Tyler Luedeman (stepfather and stepson)

Chris and Micah Mains (father and son)

Seth and Kalynda Hoevener (siblings)

Bobby and Maddie Riley (father and daughter)

Medora basketball

Brad and Carley McCammon (father and daughter)

Gwyneth and Elexus Morris (siblings)

Kam and Kailen Flynn (siblings)

Matt, Mike and Skylar Jones (siblings)

Marsadeez and Jeffrey Phillips (siblings)

Trinity Lutheran basketball

Mike and Emilee Lang (father and daughter)

Piper and Laney Acton (siblings)

Seymour basketball

Mikayla and Makenna Fee (siblings)

Morgan and Megan Ritz (siblings)

Brendan and Colin McCartney (siblings)

Seymour swimming

Daniel and Grace Hartman (siblings)

Kyle and Levi Pfaffenberger (siblings)

Dalton and Dillon Polley (twins)

Seymour wrestling

David and John Shuffitt (twins)

Zack and John Newton (siblings)

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