When Julia McIntosh transferred from Austin to Crothersville her junior year, she said she was surprised at how friendly students and faculty at Crothersville High School were to her.

“I enjoy spending all my time with (the basketball team) because I feel like they’re my family,” she said. “I come from a school where everybody is family, and you treat everybody with respect.”

McIntosh loved the closeness of the athletics program.

“I just love how the girls are so good to each other,” McIntosh said. “If I need something there is always a girl there to say ‘Hey, I’ve got your back.’

“My coaches have accepted me. Chris (Mains) and Kevin (Hensley) have been the best coaches I could ask for. They accepted me in, and worked with me, and it was a choice that they made.”

McIntosh said she ran cross-country and played tennis and basketball at Austin.

Now that the basketball season has concluded, McIntosh plans to give softball a try this spring.

“I’ve always tried anything I could just to stay active,” McIntosh said. “I love competition.”

While she didn’t see a ton of minutes on the floor, McIntosh always got her team pumped up.

“My main role has just been cheering on the team,” she said. “In my mindset I cheer them on first. I don’t think of myself first; I think of them winning. It’s all about them winning. I could care less if I play one second, two minutes or anything.”

On the floor, McIntosh played in the post.

“My responsibilities were to get rebounds and play really good defense,” McIntosh said. “I like to play in the low post and at the free-throw line, and sometimes I’ll go above the high post. I really don’t handle the ball, but I’ll go out and shoot a 3.”

McIntosh said she adapted to either zone or man defense.

“I really like both; I really don’t know why. I just like playing both,” she said. “I’m just really competitive, and I just l love playing sports.”

McIntosh said she hasn’t played softball since playing on youth teams.

She said she hopes to play third base and admits she has a lot to learn on how to field the position.

She bats right-handed and said she feels like she has some power.

McIntosh said in any sport you play, “You have to stay positive because people like Abby (Jewell) said, ‘It spreads like cancer,’ and if one person gets (bad attitude) everyone goes down, and all your confidence is out the window.”

At a glance

Name: Julia McIntosh

Parents: Arlie and Lisa McIntosh

Siblings: Sarah, Arlie and Katelyn

Sports: Basketball, two years; softball, one year

Organizations: History Club, Sunshine Society

Plans after high school: Attend Galen College of nursing

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite TV show: “Grey’s Anatomy”

Favorite movie: “1000 to 1: The Cory Weissman Story”

Favorite team: Kentucky Wildcats


Q: What was the atmosphere like at home games?

A: “Home games are really fun. So many Crothersville people come out, even if they’re not feeling well. They’re always sitting there cheering us on. I’m so happy about coming here. Our fans are family to each other. My favorite gyms are the sunken gyms, West Washington and Orleans.”

Q: Have you enjoyed your time at CHS?

A: “It’s been a lot of fun here. I’ve learned so much, just not from basketball, but my class experience. I’ve gone from having 30 people in a classroom to having six or seven. My teachers have been amazing this year. I’m just all the girls accepted me in and let me play with them.”

Q: Most memorable game?

A: “The Borden game. We were down 19 in the fourth quarter and we came back and won.”

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