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Whether she was on the volleyball court or at the track, Seymour’s Macey Chase always was ready to compete.

She played outside left hitter in volleyball and qualified for the regional in the 4×800 relay last spring but plans on making the high jump her main event this spring.

Chase said she thinks getting off to a good start in volleyball, and in the high jump is important.

“You always want to start off strong because if you were in those big tournaments, or you go into a five-set match it takes a long time, and you want to get it over with fast,” Chase said. “You don’t want to waste your energy.”

This spring she wants to concentrate on the high jump because it is now her favorite event. Since she suffered a knee injury in volleyball and missed part of the season she wants to reduce her running.

“I’m not sure about running as much this year,” Chase said. “It’s going to be more high jump I would say. I might be running a little bit. I think I’m just going to run to stay in shape.

“I think the high jump is a good event. I’m pretty tall. I just go with it. I started last year and (assistant coach Aaron) Floyd helped me. It was a different experience.”

With jumping, Chase said she thinks that technique is key.

“You have to get the right footwork down,” Chase said. “I go in from the right. My best jump last year was 4-feet-8 or 4-10. Hopefully that will increase this year. Five feet would be a good goal for me this year, maybe even more.”

Chase said she enjoyed attacking and blocking in volleyball, and she had to mix up her attacks between hitting middle, down the line or tipping over the blockers.

“It just depended on the situation,” Chase said. “Sometimes you have to mix it up because the other team can read you so it’s all about learning where to place the ball. Getting a nice hit is always a good feeling, and being around your teammates makes it a lot of fun.”

Chase said she practice is important, and having a positive outlook is essential.

“Practice is a major key,” Chase said. “If you practice hard then competing will come easy. Your teammates are always there to push you and motivate you.”

She said beating Columbus East during the regular season her junior year stands at the top of the list of her volleyball wins, and qualifying for the regional in the 4×800-meter relay is at the top of the list for her track memories.

At a glance

Name: Macey Chase

Parents: Les and Jennie Chase

Sibling: Ashton

Sports: volleyball 4 years, track 4 years

Athletic highlights: volleyball- received coaches award 2 times; track- regional qualifier in 3200 relay 2 times

Organizations: Yearbook, 4H (10 year member)

Plans after high school: attend Franklin College

Favorite food: candy

Favorite TV show: The Bachelor

Favorite musicians: Maroon 5

Favorite movie: Remember The Titans

Favorite team: Indiana University


Q: What are your expectations for the track season?

A: “I’m going to push myself this year since it is my senior year. I’ll do my best and see what happens.

Q: Have you enjoyed your time at SHS?

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know everybody here and making new friends. My teammates and the coaches have all helped me push myself and motivate me to do my best. They have helped shape me to who I have become in the four years.”

Q: What was it like playing at home in the Lloyd E. Scott Gymnasium?

A: “Home matches were fun. They were always intense playing on our court. There was a lot of pressure. Brownstown was my favorite (away court). I liked the big tournaments but I think just playing one team at a time is more intense, just focusing one that one game, not on other games.”

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.