Name: Fayeann Hurley

Age: 24

Hometown: Brownstown

Residence: Brownstown

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Occupation: Physician recruiter at Schneck Medical Center

Family: Father, Rock Hurley; mother, Sally Hurley; brother Brant and his fiancée Laura Pate; sister and her husband, Loriann and Johnny Wessel; niece, Carly Wessel

High school and graduating year: Brownstown Central High School, 2009

Sports: Golf, four years; track and field, three years; basketball, three years

Athletics accomplishments: In golf, individual sectional medalist in 2007, team regional qualifier in 2008, all-Mid-Southern Conference in 2007 and 2008, MSC honorable mention in 2006, most improved player award in 2005, 2006 and 2007; in track and field, MSC and sectional champions in 2006, 2007 and 2008

College: Ball State University

Major: Undergraduate in psychological science and master’s degree in health care administration/public health

Who or what got you into sports?

“My family got me into sports at a very young age. My father was a high school football and track coach at Brownstown for many years. Instead of going to a baby sitter, I always hung out at practice with my father. My older siblings also played sports, and I was always at one of their games/meets watching.”

What is your favorite memory of high school sports?

“My favorite memory from my high school sports had to be from my junior year golf season. We were finished with our round at sectional, and the scores were being added up. We were in third place and then last minute got bumped into fourth, so we would not be moving on to regional. To our surprise, the top three golfers were from Brownstown, and we were all named sectional medalists and were able to qualify for regional. This was a feat for us, as golf is a sport that is not classed.”

What was your biggest accomplishment or award and why?

“My biggest award would have to be being named a sectional medalist along with my other teammates. I remember feeling the pressure of being able to perform, and if you have ever attended an 18-hole golf tournament, you know they can easily last all day. Our sectional was full of 4A and 5A schools. We worked hard, trained for success and it paid off.”

Are you still involved in sports today?

“I still golf today recreationally. It is a sport that I will be able to play for the rest of my life.”

How did sports affect your life?

“Sports taught me at a young age self-discipline. If I did not put in the time and effort, I was not going to be successful. It taught me how to have a strong work ethic, and this alone has paid off in so many ways. In sports and in life, no one is ever going to just give something to you. You have to go out and work hard to achieve your goal.”

Do you have any advice for kids about getting involved in sports?

“I would tell all kids to get out and be involved in a sport. Try a sport, and if you don’t like it, try another one until you find your favorite. Some of my lifelong friendships have been made through sports. The benefits physically, mentally and socially are endless.”

Do you have any hobbies?

“Some of my hobbies include exercising at CrossFit Seymour, playing with my dog, Dean, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.”

Do you have any favorite sports teams?

“Green Bay Packers.”

Do you have a favorite athlete?

“Aaron Rodgers.”