Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – April 1

Carrying the cross

Thumbs-up to those who participated in the annual Cross Walk organized by the Brownstown Ministerial Association. Participants were given the chance to carry a wooden cross along the streets of Brownstown from church during the days leading up to Good Friday and Easter.RenewalThumbs-up to the members of the newly reconstituted Crothersville Park Board and the volunteers who are helping them spruce up the town’s two parks, Countryside and Bard Street, to make them more attractive to visitors.

Celebrating a century

Thumbs-up to Edith Barlow of Seymour. The Little Acres-native recently celebrated her 100th birthday, a mark few of us reach.

The Best

Thumbs-up to the Indianapolis Colts’ Blue for bringing his message of “Be the best you can be” to students at Seymour-Jackson Elementary School. The Colt’s mascot spends some of his off-season talking with children about the important of having a healthy and balanced diet, being physically active for 60 minutes a day and not bullying, working hard in the classroom.

Community conversations

Thumbs-up to Jackson County United Way and other community organizations for starting a series of community conversations to learn more about the values of the residents of the community and their thoughts about the future of Jackson County. One of the goals is for residents of varying backgrounds, economic and social levels to participate, especially those whose voices might not be normally taken into consideration.Equal playing time

Thumbs-down to grade school coaches who don’t give every child a chance to play. It should be a learning experience for children.

No parking

Thumbs-down to motorists who park their cars in places they shouldn’t, including those who double park on city streets and others who block driveways belonging to others.