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After playing several junior varsity matches with the Trinity Lutheran tennis team this past spring, Kelly Adams said she is hopeful of breaking into the varsity line up this spring.

The senior, who played both singles and doubles in the past said, “I prefer singles. I prefer it just because it’s easier to know who is going to hit the ball. I know who I’m dealing with.

“Definitely the most important thing, especially one-on-one, is to learn how to read their body. You can see where they’re aiming for by the turn of their shoulders and where their hips are.”

She said she tries to learn a lot about her opponent while warming up for matches.

“They are definitely important because you have to set yourself up for a good game,” Adams said. “If you have a good warmup, and you’re nice and strong when you’re volleying back-and-forth then you definitely set a tone for yourself.”

During points, Adams prefers to hit backhands.

“I actually like backhands — I feel like because I’m reaching across my body to get the backhand I can have more force when I pull it forward,” Adams said.

“I like to play baseline because I like to hit the ball far, so it’s easier to make sure it goes in. You have the whole length of the court. I can aim better.”

Through the years, Adams has seen improvements in her service game.

“I’ve definitely gotten more power with accuracy,” Adams said. “When I came in as a freshman I could get it in, but I didn’t have a lot of power. It would kind of be a lob over. Now I can hit my serves harder.”

For Adams, taking the first set is a huge confidence booster.

“It’s pretty important to win the first set because it sort of sets the tone for the games,” Adams said. “After the first set you know how your opponent plays and you know how your day is going to go.”

Adams said you have to be in good shape to be able to go three sets, especially in hot weather.

“Going even just two sets can be tiring,” she said. “Deuce games can go on forever. You have to be in pretty good condition, and also be able to be patient with that strength because you can’t wear yourself out in that first set. Even if you win your first set you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“It’s easy to win at tennis, but it’s also easy to lose because of the short amount of points. If you’re having a bad point that can be detrimental to that game, and possibly that set.”

Adams was a manager for Trinity’s girls basketball team, and said she also enjoyed filming the games.

“I filmed the past three years, and it’s been very fun,” Adams said. “The filmer from the other school also sat in that box (in the gym), so I had to share spaces with people I didn’t know. I got to know a lot of different people. It was very entertaining.”

At a glance

Name: Kelly Adams

Parents: John and Lisa Adams

Siblings: Matthew, Justin

Sports: Tennis, four years; basketball manager, four years

Organizations: National Honor Society, yearbook

Plans after high school: Attend Manchester University, study psychology

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers

Favorite TV show: “The Flash”

Favorite musicians: Rachel Platten

Favorite movie: “Home”


Q: Is it tough adjusting to the elements for tennis?

A: “Sometimes (home) are very windy, but I feel like that’s helped us. You have to really focus on what you’re doing in your movements because you can’t hit them just anywhere because the wind will take them away no matter where you’re aiming.

Q: Why did you choose to attend TLHS?

A: “I first heard about Trinity through my cousins. They went here and they played basketball. so I came to the games, and everyone was always so nice, so I decided I would ‘shadow,’ and that was great, too. It is extremely different from public school, and that’s what I like about it. I definitely feel very prepared for college. I’m very glad I came here.”

Q: What are your goals for this tennis season?

A: “Hopefully we’ll get the wins, and after we get the wins we’ll be more competitive in the season and in the sectional. I need to work hard at every practice. Coach always says, ‘I’m always watching, and it’s you that determines your spot.'”

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.