Election Q&A county council: Dave Hall

What about your background and experience qualifies you to serve on the Jackson County Council?

I have been an independent crop insurance agent and bail bondsman in Jackson County for the past 15 years. Managing my businesses without debt has taught me to set a budget and spend within my means.

What is the role of the council and its members?

The county council governs the financial matters of the county. They approve the budgets for all county offices, fix tax rates to cover annual expenses and determine salaries for county employees.

What is the top issue facing our county, and how would you address it?

I think there is one issue that will always be an issue, and that is the condition of our roads. The freezing and thawing of winter has always wreaked havoc on our roads. We need to continue to be proactive with patching holes and repaving before the roads become a danger. I hope to address this as a council by prioritizing the repair and maintenance of our roads so we can continue to improve this service.

What steps should the council take to keep the budget balanced and not have to dip into savings?

Set a realistic budget and stick to it. If there is an unexpected expense that was not budgeted for, then we should have enough money saved to use as a buffer to keep from raising taxes or borrowing money.

What are the biggest financial challenges facing the county, and how would you address them?

The costs of maintaining the county infrastructure and paying employee wages will continue to rise. These are offset with taxes. Very few people enjoy paying taxes, but we all benefit from the roads and bridges they are used to build. I think we need to prioritize needs and spend within our means to keep as much money in the public hands as possible.

Jail overcrowding is an increasing concern. How can the problem be solved? Do you support a jail expansion?

I don’t think this is a problem that the government can “solve.” There are a lot of outside influences on our kids these days. We need to do everything we can as parents to control that. Take your family to church. Teach your kids respect. Make time to be a positive influence in their lives. Until these things happen, we will always have jail overcrowding no matter the size of our jail.

Is open government important? Why or why not? How will you ensure that the council is open and honest with the public?

An open government is extremely important. We would not have a government if we didn’t first have people. Anyone that lives here or pays taxes here should have a right to know how money is gathered and dispersed within their county.

Hall file

Name: Dave Hall

Age: 33

Party: Republican

Residence: Norman

Family: Wife, Bradie Hall; daughters: Hayden, Sydney and Gabby

Occupation: Insurance agent/bail bondsman

Political experience: Current member of the Owen Township Advisory Board