In her freshman year at Crothersville, Marissa Carter was approached by former head coach, the late David Baker, about joining the softball team that spring.

“He questioned me if I had ever played softball, and he kind of pushed me toward it,” Carter said. “I really am glad I played.”

This is her fourth year as a member of the team.

Brian Huey is head coach of the Tigers this year, and for Carter and the other seniors, he is the fourth head coach they have played for.

Zabrina Nicholson was head coach in 2014, and Hope McMannamy led the team last spring.

“It has been an adjustment,” Carter said. “They all coach in different ways, and they all expect different things out of you. Each year you’ll have them teach you something new, and you have to get used to doing things their way.”

Carter recalled her freshman year she started out playing second base.

“I wasn’t real crazy about it because it was really fast,” she said. “Then they put me out in left field, and I did so well there.”

Since, Carter has played left field, and she said she has to move around on defense depending on who is hitting for the other team.

“I feel the hardest balls to field are actually the ones that go way over your head because you have to run back and catch it,” she said about playing defense.

Carter said she enjoys batting, and she tries to go with the pitch.

“I actually do better with outside pitches,” she said. “I can hit the ones down the middle and the ones outside. I struggle with the inside pitches.”

The senior had two hits and an RBI in a recent conference game against New Washington.

“The best shot you can get is to hit in in the gap,” Carter said. “So far this season we have seen a lot of first-pitch strikes. You have to be ready for different kinds of pitches.” You have to see how she pitches everyone else.”

On the schedule, Carter circles the home games.

“I like the home games a lot,” Carter said. “It’s easier to play on your home field because you’re used to everything. I like playing at Lanesville. That field is absolutely gorgeous.”

She said you have to have a positive attitude no matter the score.

“You always have to be prepared,” Carter said. “If you go out there with a negative attitude you’re not going to do well. If you’re expecting to strike out, then you’ll strike out. You have to be positive.”

At a glance

Name: Marissa Carter

School: Crothersville

Parents: Wilma, JA Carter

Sports: Softball, four yers

Athletic highlights: RBI award 2015, most improved 2013

Organizations: National Honor Society, Sunshine Society, FFA, Science Club, SADD, academic team

Plans after high school: Attend University of Florida, major in business administration, minor in horticulture

Favorite food: Hamburger Helper

Favorite TV show: “Grey’s Anatomy”

Favorite singer: Katy Perry

Favorite movie: “Hair”

Favorite athlete, team: Courtney Ceo, USSSA Pride professional softball


Q: What are your goals for this softball season?

A: “We want to have a winning season. We would really like to win the sectional. I think that’s our main goal this year. We’ve got to improve on our defense.”

Q: What’s it like attending CHS?

A:: “I like it here. When you have a smaller school it’s easier to build relationships with your teachers. I’m really close with our English teacher, Mrs. (Zabrina) Nicholson. When I applied to colleges I was able to get a really good letter of recommendation.

“I’ve enjoyed all the friends I’ve made, and the relationships I’ve been able to build with all the coaches we’ve had was nice. I’ve been close to every single one of them, all four of them.”

Q: One of your fondest memories on the diamond?

A:  “Beating Austin my freshman and sophomore years were very exciting. It was nice to go out there and get a win. With Austin being a rival it was nice to beat them.”

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.