One student who re-enrolled in school had improved her attendance and academics and excelled in the school musical.

Another student suffered injuries, keeping him off of the football field and basketball court, but he was still on the sidelines cheering and pulling for his teammates.

A couple of students had gone through challenging upbringings, but they didn’t use it as a crutch. Instead, they turned it into life lessons and set goals for the future that will bring them success.

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Several others were noted for their upbeat attitude, leadership, growth, hard work and willingness to help others.

Thirty-eight Brownstown Central High School students all now share one other description — very important person.

They were recognized during the annual VIP Breakfast on April 21 in the school’s cafeteria. Joining them were their parents and the staff member who nominated them for the honor.

Assistant Principal Mark DeHart said being described as hard-working, caring, punctual, dependable, friendly or respectful doesn’t just happen by luck or by chance.

“We all know those things are reinforced. They are taught at home around the company you keep. Here at school, they are reinforced,” he said. “It’s wonderful to be able to honor a few of our kids. We have a lot of other kids out there in our school, and it’s no surprise we have such a great school because of these individuals right here that come to school every day and make this a wonderful high school.”

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Brownstown Central High School conducted its annual VIP Breakfast on April 21 in the school cafeteria. The staff members and the students they nominated are as follows:

Staff member;Student

David Benter;Jacoby Shade

Richard Branaman;Kailee Hildebrand

Brandon Briner;Caitlyn Norman

Stephanie Brock;Madison Persinger

Jerry Brown;Aaron Kruse

Shelly Burnside;Chancelyn York

Barry Cutter;Lauren Pauley

Mark DeHart;Zach McCory

Sharon DeHart;Tatum Pringle

Randy Greene;Haley Hall

Kevin Gwin;Morgan Harrison

Blake Hackman;Clayton Ferguson

Stephanie Hackman;John McKinney

Rock Hurley;Grant Reedy

Carolyn Ira;Elena Reyes

Derrick Koch;Sydney Weddell

Peggy Kovert;Kristen Stuckwisch

Rex Kovert;Jacob Rorig

Misty Lang;Blake Benton

Reed May;Jacob Brewer

Tawnya Ollmann;Luke Fisher

Andrea Pendleton;Andrew Murphy

Robin Perry;Conner Burgess

Jade Peters;Laken Reynolds

Melanie Preston;Amelia “Molly” Frederickson

Kasey Proehl;Sara Martin

Karla Rieckers;Tanner Sutherland

Kristina Samples;Makenzie Bennett

Katlynn Schnitker;Erin Cutter

Dan Schwartz;John Sevakis

Deb Schwartz;Tyler Wheeler

Joe Sheffer;K.C. Lowry

Angie Sibrel;Cynthia Edwards

Jami Stuckwisch;Rhiannon Benge

Jamie Walker;Devin Stuckwisch

Sandra Warren;Mason McClure

Maria Weigel;Hannah Gallion

Paula Workman;Tyler Lawson

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