What’s Your Workout? – Josh Spicer

Name: Josh Spicer

Age: 34

Residence: Scottsburg

Occupation: Quality technician at Aisin Drivetrain Inc. in Crothersville

What is your workout schedule?

“I normally work out six days a week because it’s something I really enjoy and am passionate about. I may adjust my schedule based on my goals at that particular time.”

What is your favorite workout to do and why?

“I enjoy weight/resistance workouts most, but I also enjoy high-intensity circuits and mixing it up so I don’t get bored. I like the challenge of constantly trying to improve and do more each week.”

Where do you work out, and what do you like about that place?

“I work out at Anytime Fitness. The Seymour staff is great and friendly, the trainers are very helpful, and I currently work out with a trainer once a week. I like the variety of fitness equipment. Going to a 24-hour gym is a great convenience to have, as well.”

What do you eat or avoid eating to be healthy?

“I try to eat healthy 80 to 90 percent of the time. Not only does it help with my overall results, but it gives you so much energy to perform your workouts better. I make sure to have balance, but currently, my nutrition plan is higher protein, and I practice a concept called intermittent fasting. I eat a lot of grilled or baked chicken and fish, brown or jasmine rice, apples, veggies, oatmeal. If I’m on the go and don’t have some of those foods, I might use protein shakes, Quest bars, nuts or seeds in between meals. I try to avoid high-sugar foods or foods with many artificial and added ingredients, but I also make sure to enjoy myself occasionally to keep my sanity. I think it helps to be balanced and realistic for long-term results.”

What are your fitness goals?

“I’m currently trying to lose some more body fat before building muscle again. I don’t expect to lift the most or run the fastest, but I want to be good at many things and always improve myself while having a good balance of weight training, cardio endurance and flexibility.”

What are some fitness goals that you are proud to have achieved?

“After having to take a few months off last year in the fall to improve an injury, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds and 5 percent body fat since that time. Also, being able to complete and improve my results in events like 5Ks and obstacle races like Mud-Stash.”

Are you currently training for any type of event, such as a marathon, triathlon, etc.? If so, what does your training or routine involve?

“No, but even if I do an event, I try to stick primarily to my normal workout routine and make slight adjustments as needed. Later this year, though, I’d like to participate in a couple of 5Ks, Mud-Stash, the new Indy Ultimate, maybe even a mini-marathon.”

How does exercising make you feel?

“It makes me feel great, proud of myself and gives me such a great sense of accomplishment. It’s not always easy, but that sense of accomplishment helps in staying motivated to keep going and striving to improve.”

What is your advice to encourage others to exercise?

“Start now. Get moving, but at the same time, stay the course and be realistic. You won’t see results if you keep thinking about it and don’t put things into action, but be realistic and don’t expect dramatic results overnight. If you keep showing up every day, you will get results. Also, if you work out at a gym, focus on yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in other people and worrying about if someone is lifting more or running faster than you. Sometimes, that can discourage people from going. But don’t worry about what others can do. All you can control is improving yourself. That’s what’s most important.”

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