Getting involved

In his junior year at Trinity Lutheran, Isaiah Johnson wanted to become involved in athletics, so he joined the bowling team.

Johnson said going into his senior year he decided to become more involved, so he played soccer last fall and this spring he is on the track and field team.

“I definitely wanted to experience as much as I could during my time at Trinity,” he listed as his reason for his sports participation. “The social aspect of being on a team with my friends here at Trinity their senior year was definitely a driving factor.

“I wanted to get a feel for what I might be interested in college, or just the experience of sports. I’m getting in shape, and that is definitely something I can carry on my adult life.”

This spring, Johnson has concentrated solely on the 100-meter dash.

“Even being totally new to track, I could definitely do the 100 because I don’t have the endurance to, say, run the 400,” Johnson said. “I would definitely get burned out. I can hold my own against other people in the 100, but I’d say it’s definitely the start. Once you get about half-way through its pretty much over. You’ve just got to keep your pace. Not too much is going to change.”

He said he doesn’t see much of a difference in competing in two and three-team meets and the bigger invitationals.

“Unlike other contact sports where everyone is on the field, you have your own lane, and you just kind of zone everyone out,” Johnson said. “I try not to see how I’m doing.”

In the fall, Johnson played defense on the soccer pitch.

“In the back right-side of the field on defense is where I usually played,” he said. “The other teams liked to advance the ball down the side of the field because there is less people they had to worry about. I did enjoy it. I wasn’t as in shape not doing any sports in previous years besides bowling. It definitely let me get a feel for the game, and get ready for track season.”

The senior played football in elementary school, so he was somewhat used to contact.

“I definitely knew how to be physical,” Johnson said. “The home matches were a lot of fun, especially with all the support of all the parents and stuff. Even after the match you could go over to the gymnasium and watch a volleyball match. That was a lot of fun.”

Last year, Johnson enjoyed being a part of the bowling team.

“I enjoyed how diverse it is,” Johnson. “Pretty much anyone can pick up bowling. It wasn’t limited to anyone. As I got better I got changed around. I liked going first.”

Whether it’s at the bowling lanes or on the track, practice has played key to Johnson’s successes, he said.

“You have to practice to improve,” Johnson said. “I had a bad habit of missing practices and I definitely paid a price for that. Anything you want to excel at you definitely have to put in the time to it.”

At a glance

Name: Isaiah Johnson

School: Trinity Lutheran

Parents: Shawn and Traci Johnson

Siblings: Jacob, Jake and Kaylie

Sports: Soccer, one year; bowling, one year; track and field, one year

Organizations: Choir, drama, chess, robotics and euchre

Plans after high school: Attend IUPUC for two years, then transfer to Purdue University

Favorite food: Cheese-Its

Favorite TV show: “Walking Dead”

Favorite singer: Justin Bieber

Favorite movie: “Butterfly Effect”

Favorite team: Cincinnati Bengals

Author photo
Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.