Every time he steps up to the plate, Trevor Peters foresees a hit before the ball hits the dusty catchers’ mitt.

Thus far this season, Peters’ expectations swinging the bat have come to fruition more times than not.

The Crothersville freshman is posting big numbers in Class A in the batters’ box for 2016.

While he doesn’t have the required 25.3 plate varsity appearances at the plate to crack the maxpreps.com statistical standings, Peters ranks towards the top in each hitting category for a freshmen in all classes.

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In 22 varsity at-bats, Peters has 10 hits and has reached base 52 percent of the time — both in the top-5 in the state for freshmen.

Peters has an on-base percentage of 1.02 with slugging (50 percent) added in.

His quality at-bats: 68 percent on the season.

“You see dominance on the field with (Peters),” Tigers coach Jared Richey said. “It’s not him going out there trying to figure out what to do. He’s going out and getting it done — that’s the difference between a good and great player.

“He’s just a natural-born player. It’s great to see. We love having him on the team. He’s patient and just sees the ball. He knows what’s coming before it arrives and makes good contact.”

Factor in three junior varsity games, and Peters’ stats continue to rise and stand out towards the top of the leader boards.

Peters, who moved to Crothersville his third-grade year after living in Brownstown, is a natural to the game.

While he started taking the diamond at 4-years-old, Peters hasn’t played travel ball in nearly three years.

He said that he often spends his extra time at his job and also playing basketball.

Peters credits Richey’s drills in practice for his success.

“We’ve been doing a lot of batting practice,” Richey said. “We work on a lot of hand-eye coordination with little balls and bats. Other than pitching, batting has always been my strength. I usually hit the ball pretty well.”

The freshman has relied on patience at the plate to lead the Tigers’ offensive unit.

“The first thing I’m looking for is pitch location,” Peters said. “I usually see how fast the pitcher is throwing on the first pitch. I look to see if he throws any junk.”

Richey said that Peters has helped the upperclassmen on the team with their hitting.

“Trevor has been exactly what we’ve needed this year,” Richey said. “Everything has been top-notch. I think he has passed his message along and taught some of the other guys, who are all older. He’s leading the way with his batting.”

While he’s just in his first year of varsity ball, Peters aims to play at the next level.

The biggest obstacle Peters faces is playing at a very small school and getting his name out to potential colleges.

He said he recently started working with a recruiter.

“I would like to go to college and play,” Peters said. “I want to get a really good education. I don’t know where I want to go or do, but that’s one of my goals. I had a conference call last Thursday for three hours with a recruiter. We’re trying to get my name out more. I want to get my name out more.”

Richey said he sees a bright future for Peters on and off the field.

“Looking ahead, I see nothing but progress for him,” he said. “He will increase all his stats. I know college is in the future for him.”

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