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Most high school softball players put hitting at the top of their list of things they enjoy about the sport.

Lisa Scott of Brownstown Central lists defense as her favorite part of the game.

“My favorite part of softball is the defense in general,” she said. “I like the challenge, challenging myself to get better each play. When I mess up I’m like, ‘next time I’ll make that play.’”

Scott was the Braves’ regular third baseman this spring, but in the past she played shortstop a lot.

“I play the left side of the infield,” she said. “I like shortstop just because there is more to think about there.”

She said communication between the infielders and outfielders is important.

“The outfield always has (first chance at fly balls),” Scott said. “So if I’m calling it, and the outfield can call it I have to lay off the ball. If it’s in the infield, then me being at shortstop, I have reign over everybody else. So if I call them off, they have to let it go.”

Scott had knee surgery before the season and missed some games at the start of the season.

The senior said she didn’t have as much range as she did in the past so that is one of the reasons she switched to third base this season.

Scott said she also enjoys batting, and hit second throughout the season. Beth Wayman was the Braves’ leadoff hitter this season.

“If (Beth Wayman’s) on first my main responsibility was to get the ball in play and make the defense either play on her or me,” Scott said. “If she is in scoring position, on second or third, typically I try to hit it to the right side so they would have to throw behind her and she can advance.”

Scott preferred pitches waist high and said a fastball is the easiest pitch for her and most high school players to hit.

“I don’t like a rise ball, and changeups get me,” she said. “I’ve popped those up a lot. I hit outside pitches better.

This past spring, Scott acted as one of the Braves’ captains.

“I liked the responsibility because it makes me kind of feel like it’s my team more and it makes me feel like I’m allowed to tell the younger girls, ‘hey maybe you should try to do this,’ so they’ll actually listen to me, and it helps pull the team together and build them up,” Scott said.

Scott began playing travel ball at 8 years old.

“It helped a lot, and gave me a lot more experience playing against a broad amount of people,” Scott said. “Darren (Bryant, BC assistant coach) was our coach and the other two seniors (Wayman and Katelyn Gray) were on the team and it built team chemistry. We went to three World Series in Florida and one in Tennessee.”

For Scott, keeping a strong mental game led to success.

“The mental part of sports is pretty big,” Scott said. “You don’t ever want to let the game get to you where you’re over thinking. You have to know what you’re going to do and if mess up on a ground ball you just have to shake off.”

At a glance

Name: Lisa Scott

Parents: Tyson and Sonja Scott

Siblings: Chelsea, Erika and Cherokee

Sports: Softball, four years

Awards: All-Mid-Southern Conference in 2015, Most Valuable Player 2016, Mental Attitude award 2016.

Organizations: National Honor Society, German Club, DECA

Plans after high school: Attend Indiana University Southeast

Favorite food: Chili cheese dogs

Favorite TV show: “Once Upon a Time”

Favorite musicians: Sia and Maroon 5


Q: What were home games like?

A: “I like the home games. I think they’re fun. Our field is nice. We have our own locker room now, and I really like that.”

Q: What was the softball schedule like?

A: “I like the weekday games mostly because sometimes I have plans on Saturday and I’ll have to push them back. I like to play in the Saturday tournaments.”

Q: What was it like attending Brownstown Central?

A: “I like it here. I like the classes. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of people through my sports. I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends.”

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.